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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
We've all had this experience in college-- it's obscenely late/early, you're awake and flipping channels. You watch something odd, just because... and voila! you're hooked.

My 3AM fav's

1. That show on cable access where the guy spends his entire 30 min just going off on everything he can think of. If the FCC actually watched, they'd send hitmen to his house just to stop the foul language.

2. The show (again on local access) where the guy just drives around columbus getting drunk/stoned--in the car AS he's driving--and bitching about the police

3. Iron Chef. It's cheesy. It's Japanese. It's competitive cooking. I highly suggest you try it. :)

Any others?
I'll second the Iron Chef sentiment. As far as community access goes 'round here, Damon Zex was the only thing I used to watch, but I thought he was off the air. I know he used to film himself driving around drinking "liquor", and I met him at the former Big Bear on High St. across from China Buffet where he claimed further that it was real alcohol. Even so, it was always his studio work that drew me in. Comments like "I have pictures of you fucking your pets," just got me laughing uncontrollably.

Anyway, beyond Iron Chef, 3am to me means movie time on HBO. I'll watch just about anything to avoid infomercials.
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My all time fav - and I am not making this up - was when I stumbled across some sort of psychic hotline on public access. It was a bunch of amateurs and it was their second show. It was also a call in show, except it was on a one week tape delay. People kept calling in about the previous weeks show (which was currently being aired) and the folks on the show were totally caught off guard (some psychics).

What I found hilarious was that they were actually broadcasting the result.
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