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  • FCollins has a brand new grill!

    Feast your eyes on this beauty:


    Aww, yeah :) Cooked up a killer steak last night and fresh rainbow trout is on the menu tonight. Man, am I glad we're done screwing around with charcoal!

    Life is good :)
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    Nutty-- if that were my grill-- I'd cut my own balls. off. :wink2:

    Hey-- Anyway-- FCollins Congrats...that's a hell of a nice unit.

    Its always fun to get a new grill and cook on it and learn its little foibles.... I got a Char Broil a couple years ago as a gift... that replaced a 10 year old sunbeam that I had replaced the guts in twice... And It took me a good 3 months to get used to the new one... I love it now.

    Remember there are still times for Charcoal.

    Remember to drop 50 bucks on a backup tank when you get a chance...
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    Nutty... look at all those knobs !!!! here's a tip... two buttons... one to ignite it.. other to crank it up or down...

    but if you're really set on this... I saw a show on Modern Marvels or something about this shop that does custom grills... some well over $70K... but, hey, that comes with a one full day personal training class by a professional chef
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