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It's time to bring it!

ROGERSVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- The party's over for four inmates accused of going on a beer run after the jail's doors were accidentally left unlocked.

The men were charged Monday with escape and bringing alcohol into a jail.

The breakout occurred Thursday night after cellblock doors at the Hawkins County Jail were left unlocked and a faulty control panel failed to alert jailers, Sheriff Warren Rimer said.

Two of the inmates walked out through a fire exit, leaving the door propped open with a Bible, and made a hole in the exercise yard fence. They walked to a market, bought some beer and returned to the jail to share it with other prisoners. When the booze ran out, the other two inmates made another beer run to a different store.

Authorities believe the inmates bought more than two cases of beer in all.

"I guess they thought if they came back they wouldn't be charged with escape," Rimer said, "but they were wrong."

The store visits did not raise alarm because the inmates were wearing street clothes borrowed from other prisoners. The crowded jail does not have enough orange jumpsuits to go around.
Our prison systems seem to be turning into welfare hotels. Why else would prisoners escape and then return? This is a sad event.
they shouldnt be charged with anything. if they hadnt come back then the jail would look like a bunch of dumbasses. karmas a bitch and i wouldnt want bad karma while working at a jail thats overcrowded.
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The police department sure had a lot of gall charging the inmates with escape when the police themselves left the frickin' place unlocked. Maybe the inmates can charge the police with incompetence.
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Doesn't your house have to be locked before it can be breaking and entering?

Shouldn't that go both ways? Good thing the Guards were making their regular rounds.

Are you sure this wasn't Otis on The Andy Griffith show?
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