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Be the Coach game (na na na na na...)


It's time to bring it!
Here's a fun little game called "Be the Coach" at the NCAA site. It lets you choose how to call plays in certain situations and then you get a score for each. There are only 5 plays, and the first play pits tOSU against scUM. Admittedly, I didn't pull that 1 off the first time. My score was 8/10. Good luck.
osugrad21 said:
Damn that little tease makes me want to sleep today away just to get closer to the game's release
Word, Grad. I've gone to bed early the last 2 nights just to speed things up. My Gamestop told me it should be in around 7PM Monday night and this is just killing me.

FWIW- anyone that plays NCAA on the PS2, it looks as though a guy (poodiddy) at www.Maddenmania.com will have the rosters named by Monday. They should be available for download via sharkport and maxdrive formats. You lucky bastards (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible.)

Oh well, at least we Xboxers will have faster load times (I keep telling myself little things like this to assure myself that it's gonna be alright.)

Edit: This link has a slideshow of the named players in games for the PS2. Just stay on the first post and the pictures will keep changing. (It's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright, it's gonna be...)
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That was some bullshit in the first situation, I wouldn't have done any of those 3 options in that situation. I would've called a HB dive or off tackle and if they stacked the against the run I would motion my TE to see if I can get a favorable match up. I would've stuck with the run even if they stacked it.

Also the rest of the scenarios are a bit too predictable or on the flip side too unbelievable. What are the chances of punting and getting it returned all teh way :/. I scored a 5/10, but I still will kick all of your butts on here!
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after i screwed up the first one i realized this is just a promotional way to get you hyped for the game.....so every answer that featured something new like matchup stick or situational time outs i picked. too easy.
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BuckeyeNation27 said:
after i screwed up the first one i realized this is just a promotional way to get you hyped for the game....
Yeah, but it probably worked...didn't it?

I'll stand by my decision to go with Mr. Joe (96 OVR) on short yardage. The way they tackled him was weak. It looked as though he dove into the back of his OL. It's all about the HFA feature.

Hubbard- Too funny that they took it to the house on the punt return. I briefly considered that option until I realized that I'd need a proactive decision for positive gain within the limited scenario. (thinks to self "5/10.... ha ha ha" :biggrin: .)
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see you guys ARE good armchair quarterbacks, after reading the previous posts on this thread your infallible insight enabled me to become a heisman winner lol

The easiest and best way to get a few inches. Your big call should sew up the win for you.

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