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Game Thread BCS Championship Game, tOSU vs. Florida - Jan 8th

methomps;966954; said:
I think it was a little bit of both. I think Florida was faster on the lines (which is not to say that OSU was slow or that Florida was worlds faster or that their advantage was in any way related to them being from the South). I also think OSU wasn't mentally sharp.

agree and the lay off without playing a game didn't help much either
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I still subscribe to the theory that when two teams of roughly equal talent play in a hypothetical 10 game set each team would win 1 game by blowout and the other 8 would be close. As an example, in 1996 FSU beat UF in a close regular season game then lost the Bowl game in a blowout.

Just an opinion but I think it has some merit.
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Not gonna name names but I have also heard directly from players mouths about drinking entire bottles of jack in the locker room at half-time of the scUM game..(without tressels knowledge of course) I doubt that behavior changed a whole lot over the next 40 days.
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I just watched the Curtis Terry play for the first time today. I was trying to remember wasn't Terry suspended the first few games of this season (or have i just lost my memory) for reasons not made public? I was reading some people on here try to explain it, but any way you look at it that was very dirty IMO. That to me wasn't much better then Reynolds, i'm amazed it wasn't a bigger deal in the media, they never miss a chance to take a shot at ohio st. and tis one would have been justified for once.
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Thank you, Urban. May we have another?

This is the first time I've been able to revisit this thread since that night, as well as the first time I've sat down to actually watch how it played out on film.


It has also allowed me to see that the 2006 Gator team had just a little something special that I see in our current National Champions. We have a hell of a coach, gentlemen.
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