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Our church has no bells.
Tressel just mentioned Bam as one of the QB alternatives to burning TB's redshirt year. Probably would never happen, but just for one game, how great would it be to see an option offense with Bam, Dionte, Pittman and/or TG in the backfield?
Bam was Mr. Football in Ohio in 1999. That year he was considered "Ohio's number 1" recruit. By all accounts he has had a disappointing football career at Ohio State. It just shows how difficult it is to predict what high school players will be college stars. Needless to say, the evaluation process of recruits is not an exact science. Who knows.....Maybe he can help out at QB if Justin goes down.
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Hell, Nugent used to run the option at Centerville, might as well let him take some reps too ... he'd be able to get to Johnson's scoring record a lot faster, and it'd be fun to watch him kick his own PATs. :biggrin:
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