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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • I noticed that our "newest member" was Anti-Buckeye, and when I check his bio, he had no posts and his last post was "never". Did he get nuked before he even started?

    Just another reason to have Bucknuts remove their link to this site.
    coastal: Naw, didn't go. Quick Hawaiian geography lesson. There are eight major islands in the Hawaiian chain (see map below):


    I'm on Oahu, which is the main island as far as population and government is concerned. Maui is three islands over, which is about a 30-35 minute flight IIRC. Even though I'm a big Buckeye fan, most of that is for football. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see us do well in basketball, but I just didn't feel like flying over there for a couple days to watch them play (taking time off from work, plane, hotel, rental car, etc.). Now, if they had played at UH's Stan Sheriff Center (about 30-45 minutes from my house), I would've been there without a doubt.
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    Thanks for the lessons. Sounds like a wonderful place. Hope the bucks beat Nova today and head back with some momentum. Jim O'Brian just didn't look confortable with that surfboard in his hands the other day. :biggrin:
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    While we're discussing Hawaii. The baseball team at the University I work for traveled there and played the U of Hawaii and Pepperdine last year. Is the University close to you Mili? or is it on another island? Sorry for all the questions, hope you don't mind!
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    Mili, I've been keeping my eye out for Anti-B. He shows up as our newest member but is not listed in the members log. I'm not sure what is going on. It's funny but you can just tell by someone's moniker what's going to happen. Anti-Buckeye is pretty obvious, but some of the others try and mask their intent. They still stick out like a sore thumb. Rod Munch, Rory Calhoun, etc.
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    My turn. I was on Oahu when I was younger and all I can say is stay away from Honolulu. My brother and I got offered drugs ever time we turned around and it is not an accurate representation of the rest of the islands.


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    Coastal: UH is within Honolulu proper (part of town called Manoa). It's about 21 miles from my house and the Stan Sheriff Center (basketball and volleyball) is there on campus.

    Hubs: Hawaii (especially Oahu) is the frickin' "ice" capital of the world.

    C-Dog: Is your favortie place Hanauma Bay?

    More Brugess Meredith GOM quotes:

    You likey lickey dicky?

    I kaina laika pokya
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    Mils, yeah, spent a lot of time down at Haunama, or near.

    Where was the toilet bowl/blow hole (depending on what you call it?), spent a ton of time there jumping off the rocks into the water too.

    Besides those two, we were playing volleyball in Kailua or Waikiki outside my apartment on the beach during the days.
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