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Another addition to the Buckeye Nation


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Whew... after a long night my wife and I welcomed our third child into this world at 12:08pm. This will be my first daughter.... I also have two boys (two and a half year old twins). My wife was the real trooper... gave birth to a 8lb 11oz baby with no epidural (sp?). Everyone is doing well... in fact I'm off to the hospital in a few minutes to tuck them in for the night :)

now I just need to get her a cheer leader outfit by Saturday :)

Go Bucks!
Loky, Congratulations !!! What these other guys are trying to tell you is that your in trouble !!! BIG TROUBLE !!! I myself have a boy (7 yrs old) and a ball of fire of a girl who is 2 yrds old. She will have you sooooo wrapped and when she does something bad and then turns to you and with her big eyes says "I sowwy daddy" there will be nothing you can do about it !! Men have no defense for that kind of stuff ... you'll melt !! hahaha but its so worth it Loky , enjoy !!! lil girls are something special ... as are the boys but just in a different way !!
Congrats again !!!
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Congrats LoKy!

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Congrats Loky...

Make sure you thank your wife for having the child with plenty of time to spare before kickoff...it would be a shame for the little girl to come into this world with you pissed at her already:biggrin:
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