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Annual BP bracket contest


Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye
‘17 The Deuce Champ
Fantasy Baseball Champ
'18 The Deuce Champ

  • pswd: fuckttun

    2023 entry information is above. It's also on page 24.


    Link for 2021:


    Pswd is DWJ

    I was wondering if anyone was gonna renew this thing from last year then remembered I'm the guy who set it up. :lol:

    It's back! Password is kbd


    Updated for 2022, in case you're still looking at page one from years ago.

    If you want to play click here.

    The password is EJL
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    In and picks are done. I haven't watched more than 10 minutes of any non-OSU game, so this will certainly go well.

    Meanwhile, I'll overthink the hell out of it, pick a bunch of upsets then talk myself out of some of them (the wrong ones, of course), and we'll end up about the same place.
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