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An open letter to Louis


Our church has no bells.

I must tell you that I have enjoyed reading your posts and the responses they have generated. It has been fascinating to observe someone alienate himself from an entire community, to which he voluntarily introduced himself, in such a short period of time. While I think many of your positions are credible, your delivery has put off even those who might otherwise agree with you. Excellent work. Please do not be detracted by those who would request that you piss off. Keep it up, I'm enjoying the show.


I thought that myself, perhaps his alter ego.

Tibs is a negative SOB that likes to just post links and reply with thoughtless smart ass comments.

Louis is negative, writes one sentence replies, provides no links and replies with thoughtless not so smart comments.

Yin & Yang?

I think Clarity has already mentioned that Louis IP is from the BG or Columbus area. Twins separated at birth?
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jose cant hold tibors jock......in their own sick world, tibor is light-years ahead of this new, pathetic pot-stirrer....

tibor is actually semi-intelligent, humorous and has a point......this new guy has none of that....

he should be flat out ignored....
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