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Am I MISSING something here?1? (Checking the QB rankings)


Trick shot artist
Former FF The Deuce Champ
I hopped over to ESPN's top 25 QBs to see where Schoenhoft was ranked and I noticed that DUKE has landed 3 top 15 QBs including the #1 ranked QB in the nation!?!?!? :huh:

The obvious questions are:

1. Why in the hell would a top rated QB want to go to Duke? (I can get passed this one... sortof)
2. Why would 3 top 15 QBs want to compete for a job for a university that has a 6-40 record over the last 4 years?!?

My mind is going to explode, I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!


Will Bryant
Staff member
I think they also got Curt Dukes, a QB that had signed with Nebraska, then transferred. If I remember correctly, he was pretty highly ranked coming out of HS.

All these QBs must be seeing something I'm not. I mean, besides the great education.
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