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Always be nice to your neighbor---

Well Ex-- I think Someone's setting you up.
That's hilarious, really. Someone criticizes me for having my reputation turned off, so I turn it back on. Come to find out, he did it so that they could leave some nasty and hateful remarks without signing it. I guess their goal is to knock my "chicklets" all the way down.

And somehow, *I* am the one who's supposedly "upset." Heh.

Go ahead guys, do your dirtiest. Let's see how filthy and hateful your remarks can be. My rep is still at 450 or whatever, so you guys need to get cracking if you're gonna knock me all the way down! Get to it!

296 now...Got four "dings" overnight that knocked it down to 296. Let's see how immature we can be! More "dings!"

"Ding" me for posting about how I'm not upset! That makes so much sense! Woohoo!!!
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sears3820 said:
And you're a goddamned lair too.

Did you forget that mods are able to see who is dinging who?
Oh, but the mods and the regular posters here, there's no connection there. The mods wouldn't abuse their power and tell posters who "dings" them... BrutuStrength SWORE that mods don't do that kind of thing...

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sears3820 said:
They don't. :wink2:

But thanks for the "I sign all my dings" bullshit.
See the other thread.

3yardsandacloud said:
Alright, cut it out. Enough of the games with rep points.

Ex, Senior Mods and above (Administrators) can see who is leaving reputation points. If BuckNutty says you dinged him ... you did.
Must have "dinged" the wrong dude then. My apologies, BuckNutty. The second ding, the one that was signed (assuming the first wasn't signed) was intentional.
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
Ex-Wolverine said:
Yeah, because I "ding" everyone. If I "ding" you, I will sign it.

Listen ex-weasel, I can see who dings me. There's no guesswork involved. Didn't bother me when you dinged me and didn't sign your name, didn't bother me when you dinged me and called me an ass. Make sure to include that in your thesis.
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