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All members, please read re: loading images on other sites that are stored on BP.


Will Bryant
Staff member
If you're currently using BP to host images for use elsewhere, I'd ask that in general, you find another host.

There was a point where this wasn't a huge deal, but as the season approaches, it's starting to have an adverse effect on the server.

Hosting an image on BP isn't like uploading it to a server. The image gets stored in the mySQL database like anything else. Like my username, like what I'm typing here in the post, like the time and date I'm doing it, etc. etc.

When you use http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/image.php?u=etc, every single time someone on another site loads that image, they're hitting our server and our database just like they would if they were over here. That means that we're spending time processing data literally tens of thousands of times an hour that have absolutely nothing to do with what we're doing over here.

I don't want to disable image hosting, but if this keeps up, I may have to. So if you're currently using that image.php (and that's the key issue here) link elsewhere as an avatar, signature line, or anything else -- please find another solution in the nearest possible future.
CleveBucks said:
Just to add, http://www.photobucket.com is a pretty good and Free image hosting service. Others:


Thanks Cleve, that's a big help.

And really, the issue here isn't so much serving images. I don't mind that, a lot of people use the little "O-H", "I-O" and "scUM Sucks" smilies. That's fine because they're pointing to the actual .gif or .jpg files.

The issue here is linking instead to image.php. That means instead of just loading a file, everyone is loading a program which is queuing the database, which loads the file. A triple hit. The processor, the database queries, and the file load. So image.php is the biggest (only) issue.

That's what people need to check on their images elsewhere.
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