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AFL-CIO Voter Registration Fraud in Summit County?


It's time to bring it!
Although nothing shows the AFL-CIO to be responsible for submitting the registration cards (yet :wink2: ,) it does look awfully bad that they were the ones that funneled the cards to the county board of elections. To their credit, the AFL-CIO is being cooperative with the ongoing investigation. Excerpts:

Between 25 and 50 cards from the AFL-CIO office that were sent to the Summit County elections board were recently deemed to be fraudulent. John Schmidt, deputy director of the elections board, said many of the cards appear to have been signed by the same person. He said the board has verified that at least some of the people identified on the cards did not fill them out. Some cards contained false addresses.

"We suspect they were forged," Schmidt said. He said the AFL-CIO is fully cooperating with elections board officials. Schmidt said he didn't know if the Summit County sheriff or prosecutor would be asked to investigate. A spokesman for the Summit County prosecutor's office said tampering with voter records could violate a number of state laws.
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