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Abandoned Williams v. Sharapova BP Book event.

This is a live betting event folks. A few things to keep in mind;

(1) That 500 is your roll. When it's gone, you'll be bumped up to 25 if you're below that when any new event is created, but 25 is a lot less juice.

(2) What you've got is what you're going to have this football season.

(3) It's going to be up to the bookmakers, but we'll have to figure out how many games we run lines on each week. Just ours? Just the Big Ten? All of them? Pro too? It's up to us.

(4) Admins and bookmakers are the only ones who can create bets. There's currently no support for direct betting between users, or the transfer of vCash between users.

(5) I think as the house, I should get all the losing vCash. Lol. But it doesn't work that way. Admins and bookmakers play by the same rules.

(6) Generally speaking, we'll close betting 30 minutes before the event.

(7) I don't know how payouts work yet. I'll tell you tomorrow after Sharapova's done upsetting Serena.

(8) You know it's the off-season when we're talking Women's Tennis. But I had to use something to test it. :wink:
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BuckeyeNation27 said:
that sucks......i should get SOMETHING for putting all my $$$ on the line and winning

No, you really shouldn't. There was plenty of time after I cancelled this event and created another for you to enter a bet. You also indicated here (as did IronBuckI -- who made a bet in the new event) that your full 500 bet was a mistake.

I guarantee had Williams won today, you wouldn't be saying "I should lose SOMETHING for putting all my $$$ on the line and then bemoaning my decision!"

Not that I don't feel your pain, lol.
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