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30 Giant Hornets vs 30,000 Honey Bees

I saw the show it was on the National Geographic channel. Really cool show. It was about insects at war. They had stuff about the giant hornets which I believe live in Japan, giant ants, and other bugs. It was a very interesting show.
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Typically in the insect world, the bigger the bee/wasp the more laid back it is!
We have Tarantula Wasps in New Mexico. Imagine how big a wasp is that makes it's living hunting tarantulas!
But, they're pretty laid back for the most part and have no interest in stinging people. :biggrin:
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djtidebuck;798434; said:

pathetic, ralph.....

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If you're into insects fighting. Grab a shovel full of fire ants from one mound, grab another from another mound, mix and watch the fun. :biggrin: Of course, you have to have some fire ants. That's another story...
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