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2020-2021 College Basketball Discussion (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by ScriptOhio, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Jake

    Jake De omnibus dubitandum ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Three pointer from half court at the buzzer puts Illinois up 15 at Minny at halftime.
  2. Jake

    Jake De omnibus dubitandum ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Analogous to football's "best 11", it's not the five best but the best five. Obviously he wasn't part of the latter. Odd the genius Coach K didn't see it.
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  3. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    I'm surprised how poorly Archie has done there. He hasn't surpassed Crean in any measurable category. I don't know if they move on from him after this season, but I gotta think he's coaching for his job next year.

    What I don't think any IU fans want to admit is that their program is essentially the CBB version of Corn Football.
  4. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    Alright, I thought we burried some of the blue bloods. UK, UNC, MSU and now probably Duke look like they’ll all pick up big wins today.

    Go away.
  5. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    In the grind of a season, eventually talent is gonna start winning. Hopefully Kentucky dug too deep of a hole.
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  6. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    Yeah dook wins. Great job UVA...:roll1:

    Whatever. On to tomorrow’s big one.
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  7. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    8-13.........only winning SEC tournament gets Kentucky in. Though the wise one named Bill Walton just said he thinks Kentucky will be going to the NCAA tournament so.........ya that ain't happening without winning SEC tournament.
  8. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    UCLA isn’t great but they’ve got Cronin’s grit and grind DNA this year.

    They just hung around ASU tonight, down 6-8 points most of the game, but get a go-ahead FT for the win with 1.4 seconds left.

    9 of their 16 wins are by 6 points or less.
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  9. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Kyle Young man crush. Not ashamed

    Yes Gonzaga and Baylor are probably the most talented teams this year but it wont surprise me if a BiG team wins it. Being this battle tested going into the Dance is sure to pay dividends
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  10. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    You know Ohio State will fall in the polls put they really shouldn't. Illinois will move to #4. Both Houston and Virginia lost. Maybe Ohio State can fall to just #5 but who knows what poll people will do.

    As of right now Ohio State should still hold that 4th #1 seed even with the loss today based on resume. I know Illinois is coming fast but that don't change the resumes.

    Ohio State 18-5 with a 9-4 quad 1 record (11-5 top 2 quad record)
    Illinois 16-5 with a 7-4 quad 1 record (11-5 top 2 quad record)

    Ohio State +2 in total wins. Even in losses. +2 in quad 1 wins and has a win at Illinois.

    All this will become moot point when Ohio State has to play Illinois a 2nd time to close the regular season.

    Just saying as of right now Ohio State should still be #1 seed.
  11. Systems_id

    Systems_id Senior

    My uninformed hot take is Gonzaga’s trash tier schedule is going to fuck them like it does most years in the tourney. If Baylor gets back to form after their long hiatus I’d place my money on them winning the tourney.
  12. DZ83CK

    DZ83CK Not Banned

    Garza is the Hawkeyes' all-time #1 scorer
  13. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    I am shocked Ohio State held onto #4 ranking but just barely. I knew a bunch of people would vote up Illinois based on recency bias but sure glad some people had the sense to keep Ohio State #4.

    Now 2 very tough games this week lose either and then your going to start dropping both in the polls and in seeding.
  14. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    Right now Ohio State can finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th in the Big Ten Standings as long as they don't lose out and Wisconsin don't win out.

    They really would want to at least finish 4th so they get the double bye. No need to play that extra game.

    Really need to win 2 out of the 3 to ensure that but probably just beating Iowa would nearly ensure it.

    Would prefer to win out and Michigan beat Illinois and take the 2nd spot.
  15. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    I liked him better in the original series.

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