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2005 Army All American Combine hosts almost all the top QB's Also update on Hakes


I just got the list of everyone that will be attending the Army All-American COMBINE, which takes place a day before and after the game. Almost all the top qb's will be in attendance. Here is my short list of kids that should be in the top 15 qb's in the nation and will be attending the combine. (by state)

Mtch Mustain (AR)
Tim Tebow (FL)
Michael Hartline (OH)
Miles Schlichter (OH)
Pat Devlin (PA)
Zach Frazer (PA)
Jeremy Ricker (PA)
and of course Sean Hakes (TX)

These are the guys that are most likely going to be competing for the award of top QB at the camp and possibly MVP, but we have to remember that RB and Safety Myron Rolle will be in attendance but you never know. I know who my prediction for top QB is but I am definitely biased. Also an update on Sean he was very impressed with the way they let Zwick air it out in the Alamo Bowl and really excited him that the Bucks with the talent at QB would not hesitate to let him sling the ball. He will also be attending the OSU camp this spring so we will see. He is just playing ball and he will have to sit back and decide once the offers come in.

I almost forgot to add that he led his team to the state championship this past season. He did share time with the senior captain so he didn't have a ton of stats but he was the guy they looked to in crucial points of the games. Like in the game before the Championship, which they were trying to avenge the only loss that they had in the season. It was fourth and goal late in the thrid quarter and they were up by a field goal to a tem with an explosive offense, Sean's team likes to run the ball with a rb gaining 1300 yards, Coach battled with the decision to go for it but he did and called Sean's #. He faked the hand off to his running back and hit his tightend in the endzone and it proved to be the difference and get them into the state championship. He recently attended a skills camp in Virginia where Max Emfinger told QB coach that Sean could very well be the number 1 QB in the nation next year, due to his improvement since the summer when he saw him last. If anyone has any questions just ask. GO BUCKS!

P.S. We are loving that the Bucks beat a Big 12 team that bad, being in Big 12 country.
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Thanks for the update, Shakes. It's great to see tOSU in on several of the nation's elite QB for next year, and that your brother is among them . Good luck to Sean at the combine -- definitely keep us up on how that goes for him. Did you guys go to the Alamo Bowl in person? If so, how did you guys like the fan support from the Buckeye Nation? :cool:
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No we weren't at the Alamo Bowl, we watched the game in Columbus. We were up there visiting family for Christmas. So we didn't get to see the the amount of fan support down there, but we had a good time watchin Ginn dominate that Big 12 Defense.
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cincibuckeyenut said:
So where is the Hakes 06 thread? Unfortunately, I am out of it and not familiar with the kid, although I am guessing this is his father and everything sounds really good about him based on this little bit.
It is there Cinci. Just use the search option from gray toolbar up top and searn "Sean Hakes".... you will find it.
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Just read the 20 Qs on another page w/Sean Hakes. I LOVE this kid. He is a JR in HS and his favorite athlete of all time is Johnny U!!! Plus, it sounds like ke is a team first guy, and loves OSU. I hope we see him in Columbus.
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Ditto. Let's pick up these blue chip quarterbacks and let the other talent in the nation notice OSU's explosive offense next season. Hope Sean does well at camp and stays healthy next season.
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