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Game Thread (2004) Game Nine: @ Michigan State - 11/06/04 (W, 6-3/3-3)

Depends on which Offensive line shows up for OSU. My hopes are the one that has improved these past two weeks and thats been opening up holes for our runningbacks and is giving Troy more time to see the field. Not the OSU offensive line that looked like a seive in the first five games.
It also depends on if OSU's Defensive line is mean and aggressive this week and is going to pressure this 2nd string QB. If OSU can pressure this MSU QB and keep him from gaining any kind of confidence and rythme, then OSU will have a good day. If not, well MSU does have the ability to rack up some points. Throw in some blitzes and maybe a Lb spying the QB and OSU will do fine but again the OSU D-line has got to step it up and collapse that pocket and crush this guys spirit.
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