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Game Thread (2004) Game Eight: Penn State - 10/30/04 (W, 5-3/2-3)


If we can run the ball we will win by at least a TD. Penn St. might have the second best defense in the conference. We need to keep the offense open and throw some deep ones to loosen their line up. This is a game we will be able to measure ourselves.
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I hate tsun
‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ
PSU's offense is about the same as ours but they pass the ball better.

PSU's defense is MUCH better than ours.

Go back and watch the Iowa debacle if you want to see what happend the last time we matched up against a team in this manner and dont be shocked to see a similar outcome this Saturday.

We can't run and we can't stop the run.
We can't convert 3rd down and we can't get off the field on 3rd down.
7 games into the season and we still have a large -TO ratio.
You just can't win football games playing this way.

My only hope is Smith's scrambling ability leads to a few more 1st downs and keeps the defense at least somewhat rested. Hell, maybe his running will even get us within Nuge's 55yd FG range and we can actually use our only legit weapon.

Other than that I don't hold much hope simply due to the fact our OL can't move anyone and I don't see PSU consistently missing tackels in our backfield or losing contain and getting out ran to the corner all day. If we see the long strings of 3-and-outs punctuated by a TO like we did vs Iowa, the route could very well be on.
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I hate tsun
‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ
brutus2002 said:
You can throw those stats out the damn window. We have a better offense than PSU. PPG AND W's are the only stats I give a shit about.

Thanks for sharing but the question was strictly about offenses. All opinions duely noted, the facts remain the same; as bad as PSU's offense is ours is about the same.

B10 competition only
through 10/17

OSU Offense
passing....10th....162 ypg
rushing....10th......74 ypg
scoring....10th......15.7 ppg
total O.....11th......235 ypg

PSU Offense
passing....7th....210 ypg
rushing....11th.....36 ypg
scoring....11th.....7.7 ppg
total O.....10th....245.3 ypg

Now, granted that doesn't take into effect their game vs Iowa or ours vs IU but we have had Northwestern where they had Minny, Wisky and Purdue. All in all I think my point is pretty clear. Both offenses suck major ass-they pass a bit better.

The scary part for me personally is their D is better than ours and thats about the same way things were looking heading into the Iowa game.
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Goal Goal USA!
Staff member
Former FF The Deuce Champ
how can our offense be the same as penn states. we have a new offense. thats like saying the new ACC wouldve been amazing last year because of all the wins miami had.

you cant compare our old offense to penn states terrible one, and then say our current offense is worse.
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