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ND has a former DE that was switched to TE this year which (would be his last)
and is really making waves at spring practice. Has Ohio State ever had a one year wonder who switched postions his last year and then made All- America?
Cie Grant didn't make All American (Matt Wilhelm did). Gamble almost did it in 2002 and would've done so with a mid-season position switch vice a pre-season switch (he did make all Big Ten that year, though).

It may be a bit early to be annointing the "new" TE a potential All American...
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I do think ND had one as Andy Heck switched to tackle for one year and made AA.

Was he offensive or defensive tackle? If he switched from guard (offense) or end (defense) then that essentially isn't "switching positions".
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Yeah, if OL switching positions on the line count(which seems silly to me), LeCharles Bentley is one. He played all over the line his junior year but Coach T put him at center in 01 and he even won the Rimmington Award for best center.(or maybe Cooper put him there the year before, I don't recall)
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here's the team picture...

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