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'06 MN QB Adam Weber (Minnesota signee)


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Adam Weber
Pro-style quarterback
Shoreview (Minnesota) Mounds View
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.65 seconds
Bench max: 255 pounds
Squat max: 360 pounds
Vertical leap: 29 inches
GPA: 3.5
ACT: 24
2003 stats: 905 yds passing, 6 TD's; 442 yds rushing; 4 TD's
2004 stats: 81 comp / 158 att (51.3 %); 1,344 yds; 12 TD's / 2 Ints

Adam has early interest in Minnesota (offered), Iowa, Ohio State, Nebraska, Nortwestern, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and UCLA. This fall, he will become a three-year varsity starter at QB. Although Adam is the son of son of former Gopher defensive back Bobby Weber, he has some legitimate interest in Ohio State, and might attend OSU's summer camp.

Adam is also a standout pitcher and also plays on his school's basketball team.

GoldenSports.net on Adam Weber (12/21/2004)
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From the Nebraska site...Adam is receiving mail from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, OSU, Nebraska, Northwestern and Notre Dame. Minnesota has offered. Iowa is in contact the most. Adam plans to camp at Iowa, Wisconsin, and OSU.

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From the Wisconsin site...Adam went to a Wisconsin game last year and liked the atmosphere. UCLA and Georgia Tech has also been in touch. Adam considers himself more of a dual-threat QB.
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Looks like he has some sidearm delivery action there. But once again, another great QB interested in our Bucks for the '06 recruiting season. You have to think that we end up with two great QBs with the flock on interest we're receiving.

That makes me think......I wonder if SanD has straightened Phil Rivers' delivery out?
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This kid looks solid. Good build, great athleticism and excellent in the classroom. Seems liek everything Tressel is looking for. The fact we are in his top 3 and he will camp with us is great!
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Maybe you are thinking about Joe Mauer? He was from Minnesota and was one of the top prep QBs a few years ago and verbally committed to FSU before entering the MLB draft as a catcher. He is the Twins starting catcher now.
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I hate to be the one to say it but I would take Weber over almost any QB in the state, with Mike Hartline being maybe the only exception...I was thoroughly impressed with his film (although I'm sure the level of competition is not all that great).
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QB Adam Weber

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Focus '06: Mounds View Trio
By Josh Clark Midlands Recruiting Scout
Date: Apr 21, 2005

"I'm really not sure as to which prospect will be the most highly recruited," said Mounds View head coach Jim Galvin in commenting on quarterback Adam Weber, defensive lineman Brandon Hoey, and wide receiver Maurice Turner. "Adam is drawing the most looks right now, but Brandon has the most offers, and recording twelve sacks last year really stands out. Maurice may have the most upside, though, with his ability and bloodlines."

Adam is considered the top quarterback prospect in the state of Minnesota. He has an offer from Minnesota and Adam has also received interest from Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Stanford, Oregon, and Nebraska.
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