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'06 IL WR Chris James (Illinois Verbal)



Chris James
Chicago (IL) Morgan Park
Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 185 pounds
List: Ohio State, Illinois, N.Dame, Iowa, Michigan

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James is leaning early to the Illini. They have offered him a scholarship. He also has visited N.Dame for their junior day. He was a fan of Miami growing up. He is teammates with '06 recruiting prospects Demetrious Jones and Ramon Johnson. They all visited Illinois together Saturday. Both Ohio State and Iowa have started to pick things up with mail, and they have both requested my junior tape. Both schools have also sent a few hand-written letters.
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From Rivals100.com...Chris attended Rivals.com Chicago Junior Media Day last Saturday. He has had his tape be requested by Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan State and Northern Illinois. He has an offer from Illinois.
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For those who have not yet checked it out the amp feature on Rivals is flat out awesome....

Ohio State was the second school he mentioned. It was a favorable interview for us. He mentioned the Illini and OSU then there was a pause while he thought up some other schools. He is mostly interested in attending a big ten school.
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WR #1 prospect in Illinois?




James currently holds an offer from Illinois. The only reason James doesn't have 20 offers right now is because his speed is in question. That question is currently being addressed, he apparently is working with a speed coach. He hopes to have his time down to 4.5 before the season starts.

Ohio State, Illinois and Iowa are sending the most letters. His favorites are Iowa, Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana and Arizona State.
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Chicago's Chris James is rock solid!

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Champaign Combine - Wide Receivers
By Chris Pool Midwest Recruiting Analyst
Date: Apr 26, 2005

The wide receivers at the Champaign combine all had something different to offer. There were several who stood out and we’ve highlighted five of the best. Who was the best receiver at the combine? All depends on what your needs are and what your looking for but Chicago’s Chris James will be a guy that college coaches will have a hard time keeping on the bench. Here’s a look at the top wide receivers at the combine
James doesn’t have burner speed but he does have very good leaping and play making ability. He reportedly has excellent hands.

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By having a solid performance at the Champaign combine last weekend, Chris has sparked his recruitment. He holds offers from Louisville, Toledo, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, and Northern Illinois. He names his top three as Illinois, Minnesota, and Northern Illinois.
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Indiana's Jeremy Finch!

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</td> <td valign="top"> Champaign Combine - Fab Five
By Chris Pool Midwest Recruiting Analyst
Date: Apr 28, 2005

The Scout.com combines roll into Auburn, Ala., this weekend but before we check out the top prospects in the Deep-South, let’s take a look at who shined last weekend in Champaign, Ill,. Here are the “Top 5” prospects that attended our combine on the campus of the University of Illinois.
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3. Chris James, WR, 6-0, 175, Chicago (Morgan Park)

One of the most intriguing prospects in the Midwest. Throw the combines out the window, James is plain and simple, a football player. Most college recruiters in the Big Ten feel that James can be a super slot-receiver at the D-1 level and we agree. Chris made some sensational catches in Champaign and showed the ability to separate and make tough catches against press coverage as well. James is a “Top-5” prospect in the Land of Lincoln.</td></tr></tbody> </table>
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From Rivals 100.com...Chris picked up new offers this week from Boston College, Oregon, Purdue and Houston. Nebraska and Miami of Ohio visited his school this week, and Miami (Fla.), UNLV, Florida, Florida State, North Carolina State and Arizona State are all scheduled to visit his school in the next few weeks.
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From Rivals100.com...Chris is up to 17 offers so far. He is most focused on Oregon, Illinois, Ohio State, Tennessee, Purdue and Minnesota so far, with the Illini slightly out in front. His goal this year is to win a state title. Morgan Park figures to be loaded with talent this fall.
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