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'06 FL S/WR Jamar Hornsby (official thread)


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BP Recruiting Team

Jacksonville (FL)

Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45 seconds
Bench max: 235 pounds
GPA: 2.7

Teammate of 2005 OSU signee Maurice Wells. Played SS and WR this past season. He had 5 picks and 80 tackles on defense. He also caught 8 TD passes. He is also a superb track and basketball athlete. OSU and Michigan told him they will be offering. Florida has offered. OSU, Florida, USC, and FSU are the schools he is most interested in.

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i think somebody on BN said that he would be coming up to osu this spring.

i would bet it will be quite tough to snare him out of florida, especially if miami goes after him as a wr, being that they were shut out this year. hopefully mo wells goes to bat hard for osu, and his coach doesnt tell him he's too small for the big ten lol.
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The fact that Georgia Tech is not involved yet is a little bit of a surprise, considering the Sandalwood coach's ties to GT. I agree with tsteele...look for Miami to put the fullcourt press on a lot of talented receivers this year, considering the big goose egg they put up this year.
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Jacksonville Duo #1 WR and #1 QB

Early on, it looks like an OSU/Florida battle for Hornsby and Tebow. From what I have read on some Miami and UF sites, OSU currently leads for Jamar and UF for Tebow. Being that they are both from the Jacksonville area, you would think that they would like the idea of playing together at the same school considering they play 2 postions that share the ball the most. IMO, whichever school lands the first kid has a great chance at the next one. Tebow is a longshot for OSU, but it can never hurt if you land the #1 WR along with the #1RB. Just something to think about.
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jlb1705 said:
I'm really excited about our chances on this one early on. Wells will certainly be a big helper, as will Ginn's Heisman campaign. Has HH weighed in on this kid yet?
This kid could start a huge trend. While Florida will probably rebound, I think FSU and Cryami will stay down until they dump their coaches.

Imagine when '07 & '08 WRs see where the best receivers go to play ball. The ones who don't mind competition will see where the "tiny" holmes went and got drafted from, also where Ginn plays, as well as Hornsby.

Even just the interest in tOSU is a plus for the future of buckeye recruiting.
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