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'05 VA RB Darrieus Ramsey

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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
DB, they didn't give a least of everyone that was going to attend but they touched on a good number of players that are going to be there. I was just wondering if he was still going :)

Check your inbox.
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Darrieus will play with any of the schools on his list. It's probably more of my ambitions for him to play for Bama than his....since I grew there and love Bama...but he just loves to play and if OSU was as interested, he would play there just as soon as anywhere else. But whereever he goes, it will be a great catch and he will give them 110%.
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We visited MD last weekend for their spring game. Things went great, we had a personal tour of their facilities and now that the evaluation periods have begun, the scouts will be attending his combine on the 4th. Look for an update on Rivals here soon. There are a few other things developing, but I can't say at the moment. But I'll post it once it's official....

While working out today at the track, Darrieus was able to lower his 40 time to 4.31, along wth a 4.37 and a 4.40. If he runs those times again during the combines, expect good things to happen.
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Update on Ramsey

I just found this on the Web, it's all new to me.

South Carolina Likes Virginia DB

By Scott Eisberg
South Carolina has written and shown interest to DB Darrieus Ramsey (5-11 160) of Yorktown, VA. He is a very quick player who is looking to break the 4.4 mark on the 40 yard dash at the combine he will be attending this weekend. He runs the ball for his high school team but will play defensive back in college. He is a natural cover guy with his speed and excellent technique. His coach, David Walton says, "with his speed, he exudes great confidence to cover tight and not lose guys. He works great in the weight room for a 3 sport guy, also playing soccer and track." Other schools interested in Ramsey are Virginia, Richmond and North Carolina.
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out of chaos comes playoffs
sub 4.4

that is a smoking time DB, glad to see he got the chance to show the combines what he is capable of on a good surface and in prime conditions.

probably one of my favorite stats in judging a DB is the shuttle time. any word on what he ran in that that you could pass along to us recruiting junkies?

i have been busy at work lately (we are shutting down two plants and opening up a much larger consolidated plant) but i will get the defensive highlights posted here ideally soon. i also hope to get up some small highlights from the larger clips for the dial up users out there (in particular that cutback run, the nice stiffarm on the kick return, and a few others that jump out at me).

anyways, congrats on the smoking time and good luck with everything as usual.
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