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'05 VA RB Darrieus Ramsey

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Thanks a lot for your updates DB. Wish he'd be coming to OSU but thats obviously not in our (fans) hands. Nonetheless, we all hope Darrieus finds a great all around situation for himself where he can mature and succeed in all facets of life.
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Thanks Rob. I'll keep you guys posted as things develop. But before it's all over, Darrieus should have offers from Bama, UNC and FSU. They are showing the most interest at this time. Although UVA has been there from the start, Darrieus doesn't fit Groh's larger 4 deep type DBs. So regardless of how well he performed at their camp, we don't expect anything from In-State. I knew this early on and marketed Darrieus out of state....but most schools are somewhat hesitant with no in-state offers, but we knew camping would resolve any issues. FSU is known for taking speed and talent over size and have continued to keep in contact.
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