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'05 VA DB Sean Smalls (UMass signee)





Richmond (VA)(same school as PSU commit Kevin Cousins)

Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 183 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.52 seconds
Bench reps: 5
Vertical leap: 26 inches
Shuttle time: 3.87 seconds

As a junior, Smalls made six interceptions while earning all-district and all-region honors.

2.66/October 2004 first-time SAT

tOSU has offered and they lead- others he is considering include PSU and Maryland. Sean camped with tOSU this summer.
It's funny that TheInsiders show him with an offer from us and having high interest in us and yet Rivals doesn't even list us in his favorites.

Mili- I think there is a reason for that- He was going to PSU along with his teammate Kevin Cousins but a tOSU offer and great camp experience changed his mind on an early PSU commit and he now may end up at tOSU.
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posted on BN

From the Roanoke paper:

By Doug Doughty

Huguenot High School football coach Richard McFee said Friday that you could flip a coin between Highland Springs running back-defensive back Victor “Macho” Harris, Huguenot cornerback Sean Smalls and Hampton wide receiver Todd Nolen as the best prospect in Virginia.

"And, you’ve got to put [Elan] Lewis in there, too,” said McFee, referring to Phoebus High School’s All-Group AAA running back. “No way in the world you could talk football and not mention him.”

Most services are ranking Harris and Lewis as No. 1 and 2 among the state's top prospects, with Nolen among a small group directly behind them. Smalls is a relatively latecomer to that discussion.

McFee has had Bruce Branch and David Terrell serve as cover corners during his 30-year Huguenot career. Branch went to Penn State and Terrell to Michigan, but Smalls “is the best cover corner I’ve ever coached,” McFee said.

Smalls (6 foot 1, 180 pounds) played his sophomore year at Armstrong High School in Richmond before transferring to Huguenot, where he had six interceptions in 2003.

"I read somewhere that Macho Harris led the Central Region in interceptions,” Harris said. "Don't get me wrong. Macho Harris is a great football player, but, when we met to pick the all-region team, this kid [Smalls] led the region in interceptions. There must have been some mistake, or [Harris] must have intercepted some more passes over Christmas.”

McFee said that Smalls needs to be mentioned in the same breath as Harris and has the scholarship offers to justify that kind of consideration.

McFee said Smalls has written offers from Penn State, UCLA, Southern Cal, Arizona State, Maryland, Ohio State, Michigan and North Carolina. "Virginia Tech and Virginia have said they definitely will offer,” McFee said. “But, we haven’t received anything in writing."

McFee has had a long-standing with Penn State and says that another of his juniors, 6-4, 190-pound wide receiver Kevin Cousins, committed to the Nittany Lions on the junior day that followed a one-day Nike camp in State College, Pa.

“Coach [Joe] Paterno had just signed his four-year contract extension,” McFee said, “and Kevin said, ‘I want to be a part of that.' ”

Cousins had 12 receptions for 283 yards last year -- not eye-catching numbers -- but he ran 40 yards in 4.43 seconds at the Nike camp and also has great academics (4.2 grade-point average; 1,250 SAT) to go with an impressive combination of size and speed.

McFee said that Smalls has a 2.7 GPA, with plans to take the SAT in October. He was timed in 4.45 seconds for the 40 at the Nike camp.

Huguenot and Hampton do not normally play, but they scrimmaged last year, with Smalls drawing the assignment against the Crabbers’ Nolen.

“Nolen didn’t catch a pass against him,” McFee said. “We tell Sean, 'Here's your man.' Then, we try to get everybody else straight.' "
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I had never really even heard of this kid until looking at the Recruiting Projections. He sounds like exactly the kind of player I love..."a relatively latecomer to that discussion." He seems like a kid with great pysical numbers and is now learning to play the game better and better and coule be a great get. Has anyone else heard anything about him recently?

Actually answered my own question...apparently we do slightly lead for him. Found a premium article on the PSU Insiders site for anyone interested...

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Buckeye Nut said:
I saw a headline on the ticker at the top of the homepage at Bucknuts that said Smalls was down to two. Is it down to OSU and PSU and who leads?
The link on Insiders was just for video. In the last article, the PSU one, we were slight leaders.
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ZekeD said:
Now that Jenkins has committed would we accept a commitment from Smalls?

That's a good question. You wouldn't think the staff would pull the offer but the Jenkins commitment could work in Penn State's favor. Not sure how many more corners we'll take and I'm not sure how many more would want to come here considering the depth at the position.
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Tucker likes his DBs to be interchangeable so maybe they aren't thinking in terms of how many CB and S but how many DBs. I see us taking at least one more DB and maybe two more. Smalls and Lenix would be great.
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I'm guessing but I would think that any offer made has a few contingencies such as qualifying academically and that the spot isn't already taken by an earlier commit. There must be some wiggle room on these written offers.

What probably happens in some cases is that recruits aren't told that their spot is taken because coaches are wary of recruits backing out of their verbal committment. That can lead to some recruiting year end disappointments for those kids that thought they had a 'ship but don't end up with one. I'd like a kid to be able to sign anytime after June 1st just before his Senior year. Hopefully that would cut down on over-promising scholarships and the recruiting burden on the coaches.
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