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'05 PA RB/DB Mikell Simpson (Virginia signee)


Mikell Simpson
Harrisburg (PA)
Running back / Cornerback

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds
Bench max: 280 pounds
Bench reps: 14
Squat max: 450 pounds
Vertical leap: 34 inches
GPA: 2.8

In the Rivals updates on Simpson Ohio State is not mentioned as a school he's interested in but his video is very, very impressive. He has good size at 6'2" and 190 and breaks a good number of tackles and runs hard. The 4.4 speed looks legit. So many of the backs we're in on are really quick but don't show a lot in the way of breaking tackles. Simpson did and it looks like he has the frame to put on a little weight in college. I guess we will find out if gene23 is right soon enough. Keep in mind he's a scUM fan.
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Wells is faster, Ringer is shiftier but Simpson is more powerful. Wells' combination of speed and vision is awfully impressive but I didn't see him break many tackles in his film, partly because he didn't have to break any. Ringer has moves on moves and runs hard. Simpson is fast but Wells is just on another level. To me there is nothing better than watching a back who doesn't shy away from contact and fights for extra yards. Simpson looked to have that mentality. I guess I'm also partial to bigger backs and he's thicker than Wells and Ringer. I'd take any combination of the three and feel good about the running back situation, especially with Haw, Pittman and Kennedy on board.
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Pronounced MY-kell. Excellent combination of size, speed, toughness, and athleticism. Very versatile, also playing DB, punting, and returning kicks and punts.
"I'm a good athlete and catch good in the backfield. I'm fast on the outside and I can weasel my way through. I'm a big play back with finesse and speed. I want to get stronger and bulk up so I can break tackles better. I also want to make better cuts."

BPs 270/SQs 425/VJ 31

Track: 10.8-100m/22.7-200m

2.8/770 SAT--May 1 retake


another versatile athlete- plays RB (great runner and receiver out of the backfield), DB, returns P's and K's and is the Punter- On offense, Simpson averaged apprx. 10 yards a carry last year from the running back position. He also caught 23 balls for over 500 yards, scoring a total of 23 touchdowns on the year. On defense, Mikell had 57 tackles and 5 interceptions.

I just watched the video and he seems to have good speed to the outside and bursting up through middle. He is big and strong with an upright running style. He showed his ability to break tackles when necessary. You did not see alot of shiftiness or patiently reading blocks, he primarily took the ball and used his speed or speed/strength to accomplish what he wanted. I particularly like his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield- you don't see that very much in RB clips.

He is in Lemming's top 100 as a DB
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Mikell's videos are very impressive, in that he is a fluid runner, with an "extra gear" giving him true top-end football speed; he is also a very good receiver, and could be a threat at WR as well; the only problem is that he runs a bit upright, and doesn't have the forward lean that you'd like to see in a "big" back. All in all, he reminds me the most of former Buckeye Robert Smith (he even looks a bit like Robert). A good one!
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