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'05 PA OL Nate Hartung


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Hartung is 6'4" and 395 pounds. Apparently he has already made an unofficial visit to Ohio State and has some serious interest.
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diehardbuckeye said:
I hate to find out how fast a OL is. When was the last time a guard, tackle or center has run 40 yards down field to make a block? Quick feet and an explosive first step are the key to good offensive line play.

Absolutely. Fast is not an issue at all. Quick is the issue. Can he make it 10 yards in a reasonable amount of time? Can he make it 2 feet? Can he react fast enough to get in front of a defender?
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Nate Hartung knocks people to the floor without knowing it. He once knocked an opposing player through a door. Try driving through him to get to the basket and you bounce off his chest and land a few feet backward.

One coach, Plum High School's Ron Richards, prepared his team to call out picks when facing Butler High School because "if you allow a teammate to run into him, we might lose him for the season," he told Dick Hartung, a Butler assistant coach and Nate's father.

Such is life when Nate Hartung, a 400-pound high school basketball player, is on the court.
The first organized league he played in was as a sixth-grader when he weighed 280 pounds. Nate weighed 125 pounds when he was 5. Nate said he was teased by other kids as a youngster.
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