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'05 Ohio TE/LB Brandon Long (Michigan State signee)


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Brandon Long
Canton (OH)
Glen Oak
Inside linebacker / Tight end

Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 235 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.57 seconds
Bench max: 350 pounds
Bench reps: 20
Squat max: 450 pounds
Vertical leap: 35 inches
Shuttle time: 4.45 seconds
GPA: 2.8

Performed very well at the Columbus Nike camp and his stock is on the rise. Long is being recruited by most of the Big Ten as well as Virginia, Notre Dame, and Boston College. Ohio State is in his top 5 and he mentions he's being recruited the hardest by Ohio State and Iowa. Long plays inside linebacker and although we're set there right now Long could step in once Schlegel and D'Andrea graduate. He will camp at Ohio State this summer.
Nutty- sounds like another good Ohio LB

as you mentioned he had a good Nike camp- finishing 4th in the SPARQ rating- behind Travers, Ringer and Harrison

HT WT 40 shuttle Vert Reps SPARQ
Travers 5-11.5 228 4.87 4.55 35.4 32 90.84
Ringer 5-9 186 4.44 3.87 36.9 20 90.17
Harrison 5-8.5 190 4.25 4.28 37.3 18 84.69
Long 6-2.5 219 4.56 4.50 36.6 23 84.42

The LB choices in Ohio seem to be looking better between Long, Travers, Phillips and Daniels (assuming Lenix ends up at safety)
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In an article linked on the front page, he says Ohio State is #1, Michigan #2, and Notre Dame #3. Both his dad and step dad are big Buckeye fans.

OK, might as well post the story that was on SpartansInsider:

Canton, Ohio’s Brandon Long does not yet have any early offers, but he is receiving mail from all over the nation, “I’ve been contacted by 36 schools. Some of the main ones are Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State. All the BIG 10 schools, except for Northwestern, have contacted me.”

Long plays both linebacker and tight end; where does he seem himself playing on the next level? “If I’m playing Division 1 football, linebacker is going to be what gets me there. Plus I like to be on the defensive side of the ball. I like to be the hitter.”

Does Long have any interest in Notre Dame? “Yes, definitely. I like their tradition. They always have a great program. You can also do a lot with a degree from Notre Dame. Plus I have some relatives that live in Indiana.”

Beside his interest in the Irish, Long has also checked out some other schools, attending junior days at Ohio State, Michigan State, and Pittsburgh.

We asked Brandon what he is looking for in a school. “First of all, they have to have a good program. I’m going there based on my athletic abilities, so that is important. Educational opportunities will also play a role, and the facilities will be important, also.”

Will distance be a problem? “I don’t think so,” said Long. “My parents would probably like somewhere closer to home, but it’s not a huge issue with me.”

We asked Long if he had any favorites right now. “If I had to give a top three, I would say Ohio State is number one, Michigan is two, and Notre Dame is three.”

Does he plan to make an early decision? “No, I’m going to take all five of my visits. I don’t plan on making a decision until I’ve had time to check out all the schools.”

Where do his parents want him to go? “Being an Ohio athlete, they want me to go to Ohio State. Both my dad and my step-dad are big Ohio State fans.”

Long has a self-reported 2.95 GPA.

Comments: Long was a pleasure to talk to; very polite and well-spoken. The Irish are going to have to battle the home state Buckeyes for his services, and Irish fans know how those battles for Ohio players have gone the past couple seasons. Can Coach Willingham and staff pull off the upset? Irish Eyes will follow the developments and let you know.
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BJ Travers is probably the most heralded LB in Ohio this year with offers from schools like USC, Iowa and Pitt but on paper Brandon Long has the kinda numbers you look for in a MLB. He's 2 inches taller than Travers, weighs 220 pounds, only 8 pounds lighter than BJ, and runs a 4.56 40 compared to 4.87 for Travers. Hopefully Rivals or the Insiders will have some video of Long soon because I'd like to see how he compares to Travers on the field, who hits like a truck. His numbers intrigue me.
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Well, OSU needs 2 or 3 LB's this class, so maybe he will end up with an offer down the road.... Best wishes on a good senior season!

OSU has offered a lot of top OOS guys (McCoy, Mathis, Felder, Cushing, etc.), so any offer to Brandon will probably have to wait on them. Of course, Lenix and Daniels will also be in the mix.
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blurb on Long in Canton Rep

Hartline wasn’t the only GlenOak player who caught Farrah’s eye. Tight end/linebacker Brandon Long stood out. At 6-3, 235 pounds, Long is put together. His father goes about 6-8, so Long might not be done growing.

“He is a stud,” Farrah said. “That kid can run.”

Long made two superb diving catches over the middle. He has a scholarship offer from Cincinnati, but Long could be the kind of kid who improves his scholarship standing during his senior season. Most kids, however, have the best offer they’re going to receive on the table.

If no other offers come in, Long said his front-runner is Cincinnati.
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The thing that has to intrigue Ohio State is how he can play LB or TE in college. Look at Frost's situation right now. He was suppost to be playing DE but Izzy gets booted, they need another TE now and Frost steps right in. Long can provide depth at either position.
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Bill Greene, who apparently works with Duane Long, posted about Brandon Long the other day over at BN. Apparently Brandon has all the physical tools you'd want but it has yet to translate to big numbers on the football field, IIRC. Hopefully he puts it together this fall and earns an offer. You have to like the measurables and versatility he brings to the table.
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