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'05 OH Safety Adam Myers-White (Tennessee signee)

I agree. This kid could play S or grow into an OLB. csuskeeter seems to think he ends up at LB. Sounds like a good one. With the limited number of scholies we have this year the coaches must think a lot of him.
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a few more tidbits

apparently is biological father is Coleman White- ex-scUM player

they don't appear to be especially close and he calls his step father- "dad"- White is not going to scUM's junior day

White also grew up rooting for FSU

It still sounds like tOSU is the team to be beat :wink2:
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Kids are kids, and many like the flavor of the month teams when they're younger. Even though my team has always been, and always will be, Ohio State, I also liked Oklahoma and Notre Dame up until high school. Reason I like Oklahoma was their wishbone attack and that they was a national title contender every year (thus saw them on TV a lot), and I think their fight song is pretty cool. I liked Notre Dame because they were on TV in Youngstown every frickin' week and even had a half-hour digest show the day of the game. I ended up seeing both those teams on TV more than I got to see Ohio State it seemed. Thank goodness for GamePlan now. :biggrin:
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I agree with Mili on how kids are with the flavor of the month. While I was a hard core Buckeye from the beginning, I also had other teams I liked as a kid. UCLA was one of them, except when they played OSU of course. I think a lot of it depends on the home they are in. (My 7 year old and 9 year old really have no choice to be Buckeye fans growing up un my house.) And when it comes to bandwagon fans, many adults are just as bad as kids.

Hopefully with JT, kids today will grow up dreaming of playing in the shoe, like it was back when Woody was the coach.
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few other tidbits

He is a pretty bright kid with a 4.125 GPA- in addition to scUM and tOSU others are starting to offer -MSU, PU and ND are in the process of offering

It still sounds like tOSU is the leader :oh: :io:
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FWIW- quick blurb from Lemming (USAPrep) regarding AMW and Nebraska

Big 12- Nebraska- I know we have been talking about them a lot, but they really are doing a remarkable job. In one year they have gone from nobody major looking at them to everybody major looking at them. A real credit to Bill Callahan and his new staff. In the hunt for some major five star guys like Callahan Bright and Adams Myers-White.

Note: all the tOSU guru's still feel it is just a matter of time for AMW to commit to tOSU- (possibly as early as June camp)
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