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'05 OH DL Antwon Hight (Akron signee)





Canton (OH)
Strongside defensive end

Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 265 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.95 seconds
Stats: 83 tackles as a junior in '03

One of Ohio's best overall prospects and top three defensive linemen. A dominating player on both sides of the ball.

Bio Notes: An all-county and honorable mention all-Ohio selection his junior season.

Schools in the Running: Ohio State, Florida State, Michigan, Pittsburgh- tOSU is his favorite and has grown up a fan of the Bucks

He will be at tOSU Nike and tOSU Summer camp

Perhaps the best Dlineman in the state of Ohio this year. The only thing keeping him from a tOSU offer is his grades. But it sounds like this could be a significant problem. Duane Long feels he has the ability to play on Sunday's.
Duane also feels there's absolutely zero chance he qualifies... supposedly he's not even trying to improve. You gotta wonder who's looking out for some of these kids.

Yea- it doesn't sound very promising. What a shame considering the type of talent he has.
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reports on bucknuts say that he's making some academic progress
That's good to hear, because he is a tremendous talent. With Denlinger and Williams already in the fold, adding Hight would complete the Bucks DL needs for 2005; of course, if an OOS stud like Melvin Alaeze or Callahan Bright wanted to come aboard, Tressel would find room for him.
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Any possibility of FUMA, or just walking on? It is a little late for trying to improve his grade if they are as bad as incinuated I doubt summer school would help much. Anyone know if he could even gain admittance?
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If he can't get accepted academically through the football program, he'll have no way of getting admitted as a regular student. I also hope he goes JUCO or FUMA and keeps his love for the Buckeyes until his academics are straightened out.
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Nice to see how much he likes the Bucks. Hopefully his grades are really improving.

He would be a great addition.

In case you guys missed it, Antwon finished 7th in the discus this weekend (state finals)

Here is his throw length with other Buck recruits

Boys Discus Throw
6 B.J. Travers 11 Westlake 162-01
7 Antwon Hight 11 Canton McKin 161-09
16 Chad Hoobler 12 Carrollton 134-09
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