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'05 MD LB Rico McCoy (Tennessee signee)

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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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CleveBucks said:
Does he realize how young Miami's starting LB's are going to be this year? Their WILL is Tavares Gooden who's only a sophomore. Some of the incoming recruits are expected to compete for starting jobs almost immediately.

If he knows the Ohio State LB depth chart, I'm sure he's also familiar with Miami's. It looks pretty good for us so far.
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Bnuts premium

Very positive article from Gary Housteau. tOSU is very much in the thick of it for Rico. He was really impressed with his visit from Coach Fickell and Snyder.

He will officially visit tOSU, scUM, Nebraska, Pitt and Miami (plus Syracuse is in the mix). Miami is our main competition. As mentioned before he likes the tOSU LB situation.

More to the story on Corny Greene- I guess Rico used to go to school with Corny's son. Very positive article for tOSU.
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This from a free chat on BN. Sounds like Gary is VERY optimistic about McCoy:

daytonbuckeye (Aug 5, 2004 1:52:53 PM)
Gary, which OOS prospects do you believe we have a shot at landing? I know you just stated Mo Wells, but what about Rico McCoy, Sean Oatis and others? Also, with Justin King being a PA guy, do you believe that the Big 33 game this year could have swayed his opinion of Ohio State? I know he is moderately interested but I would think with all the talent in that game going to OSTATE would entice any young man. Thank you!

GaryHousteau (Aug 5, 2004 1:58:46 PM)
Hi daytonbuckeye...I sure do believe, almost without a doubt that Rico McCoy will be a Buckeye a year from now. I've gotten really strong vibes about his affinity for the Buckeyes but like he told... "Miami is Miami." I confidently think McCoy will be a Buckeye. With AMW and Jamario O'Neal in the fold... Oatis is still a possibility for sure. I'm glad King attended the Big 33 game so he could see for himself that the two best talents on the field, Ginn and Lyons, are going to Ohio State. I wouldn't exclude OSU from being in the running until late with King. Simpson from Harrisburg is in the running I would guess as well. We need to get a couple of PA guys again this year to keep the momentum going there. I'm sure we will keep hearing about guys as the season goes on. Derek Hardman is a tight end/tackle prospect from West Virginia who is underrated. Oakley, a running back out of North Carolina is also a name to keep an eye on.
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Mr. Such and Such
It's good to see Gary confident about this. However, he did get burnt by james bryant last year. He admits to it. He has said that Bryant was paying lip service to whomever he spoke with at the time, and he should have picked up on it. He says that Mccoy has a different feel to him. But whatever happens remains to be seen.
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brownsbuckeyes said:
thursday afternoons???

Here is the schedule:

Date Team Location Time
Saturday September 4 ** Calvert Hall away 1:00 PM
eptember 11 ** Downtown East HS PA
September 18 ** Mt. St. Joseph's SJC 1:00 PM
** Scrimmage
Thursday September 25 McNamara SJC 1:00 PM
Thursday October 2 Paul VI away 1:00 PM
Thursday October 9 DeMatha away 1:00 PM
Thursday October 16 Carroll SJC 1:00 PM
Thursday October 23 O'Connell away 1:00 PM
Thursday October 30 Good Counsel SJC 1:00 PM
Thursday November 6 Gonzaga away 1:00 PM

This schedule was copied from the St. John's College website. It appears the website has Thursday listed next to a Saturday date beginning with Sept 25. I would assume the date is correct, meaning the games are on Saturday and not Thursday. So much for fitting my schedule.

St John's College HS

Click on Athletics in the left column, then click on football under fall sports.
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Buckeyejeff said:
Wasn't there a big stirup in D.C. area athletics a couple years ago or last year, whenever the serial sniper was doing his thing?

Yes. Several games were canceled while those two idiots were on the loose. We were recruiting Wesley Jefferson at the the time, IIRC.
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