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'05 MD LB Rico McCoy (Tennessee signee)

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Serenity now
I think in general LB is a weaker position this year, but it was also a banner year last year. In 04, 7 of RIvals top 25 were LB's. This year only 4.

Just in Fla alone last year there were probably at least 10 stud LB's.
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A visit from McCoy would be a good thing. As it stands right now I think he gives us the best chance at a big time linebacker in this class. Unless of coarse Lenix or Daniels are considered and recruited as LB's. That of coarse would change my thinking.
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Nice McCoy update- he discusses his favorites including Syracuse, Maryland, tOSU and Miami- he feels tOSU may be the best place to play early because of all the upperclassman starting at tOSU. He also understands Miami is stacked at LB (Willie Williams, James Bryant etc.).

Two of his official visits will be to Miami and tOSU
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
sears3820 said:
I thought it was a very encouraging update for us seeing how it was done by Grassy guru Mike Bakas.

Thanks 86.

I asked Kurelic today what LB he thought we had the best shot at it and he seems to think we have a better shot at Mathis than McCoy but we have a good chance at both of them. I agree with sears. Considering where that update came from it's awfully promising for us. We've been at or near the top of McCoy's list for a long time. Hopefully McCoy makes it up for a game. It sure would be nice to establish a presence down in Maryland.
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free Rivals article

DC Backer Likes Looks Of Ohio State

Mike Wachsman
BuckeyeSports.com Staff

Linebacker Rico McCoy certainly isn't sweating the recruiting process. In fact, when reached Monday evening, he was talking more about his senior season at St. John's College Prep than about the offers he's gotten.


Washington, D.C., linebacker Rico McCoy is among the nation's most coveted defenders after making 120 stops as a junior.
And pretty impressive offers they are.

"I can't keep track, really," McCoy said, chuckling. "I know it's a lot."

A four-star prospect and Rivals.com's 14th-ranked outside linebacker, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound McCoy has received offers from Ohio State, Miami (Fla.), Pittsburgh, Maryland, Syracuse and Boston College. He also lists Nebraska as a school he's interested in.

"I would probably say Miami and Ohio State right now. It's a tie. Be sure to write that it's a tie," McCoy said when asked about the order of his list. "I really haven't thought much about it. Those two are up there, but Maryland and Syracuse have been coming at me pretty hard from the beginning. My brother plays at Syracuse and I went to Maryland's camp for one day because it's so close. I wasn't planning on going to any camps this summer, but that one was a quick stop and it was close by."

McCoy, who projects as an outside linebacker in college, will roam the middle for Washington, D.C., St. John's this season, and that's only appropriate given whom he models his game after and the region he plays in.

"My favorite players are LaVar Arrington and Ray Lewis," McCoy said. "I'm athletic and I like to hit. That's why I play defense. I'll play running back again this year, but my heart is really with defense. I watch a lot of film. I want to know everything about the players I'm going up against and I want to be able to get our team in the right position."

There are definitely some aspects of Ohio State that have made McCoy think long and hard about the Buckeyes.

"I talked to Cornelius Green recently and he taled so much about Ohio State and his time there," McCoy said. "Man, does he love that place. His son is on my team and he's always telling me about the Buckeyes and how great the tradition is. I know a lot about them and it would be cool to be part of that.

"Our coach last year was Elliott Uzelac, and he used to coach at Ohio State. We ran nothing but option on offense, which is why I like playing defense so much. I was a power back in an option offense. We have a new coach this year. I think Coach Uzelac is coaching at Georgetown University."

McCoy said he likely wouldn't formulate his official visit list until late November but mentioned that OSU, Miami, Nebraska and Pittsburgh are consistently in his thought process. He may take officials to Maryland and Syracuse but is so familiar with both that formal trips may not be necessary.

Currently working out every afternoon, McCoy is preparing himself for the rigors of the upcoming season as well as life beyond high school.

"We started out 6-0 last year and then went into kind of a free fall. I don't want that to happen again," he said. "I've been working with a personal trainer every day to get better."

As for the criteria that will determine where he goes to college, McCoy said it's pretty simple.

"I just want to have a chance to start at least three years," he said. "I'll probably take a redshirt no matter where I go. Looking at Ohio State, they have about five or six guys who will be playing a lot this year, and four of them are juniors and one's a senior. So by the time I got there and redshirted, I'd have a good chance to play a lot."

For now, McCoy, a 2.7 student who will take both the ACT and SAT in September, will sit back, enjoy the offers he's getting and go about the business of playing the best football he can.

"I'm liking this," McCoy said. "It's not everyone who has a chance to be recruited, so I'm going with the flow. I'm not really in much of a hurry to decide. I'll let things play themselves out and then go from there."

It is interesting that Corny Green could be in a position to help us with McCoy and Derrick Williams.
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Serenity now
Does he realize how young Miami's starting LB's are going to be this year? Their WILL is Tavares Gooden who's only a sophomore. Some of the incoming recruits are expected to compete for starting jobs almost immediately.
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IMO getting McCoy and Mathis in this class would be huge. They are both 4* recruits and are being recruited by everybody. If we get both these OOS LB'ers it will help us in the future. We are opening up that Pennsylvania wall that coop could never penetrate(sounds like a personal problem). D.C usually puts out 2-3 big time players every year. It would be nice to breal through there as well. IMO we will land Mathis and we are in good shape with McCoy.
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