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'05 Glenville DL Curtis Smith (Cincinnati signee)


Curtis Smith- 6-2, 235lbs- another in the long line of great Glenville prospects

Great athlete, big and strong- can play DE or DT

Special mention Division 1 last year as a junior

Smith Profile


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nice picture of curtis there buckskin86.

i have seen curtis play once each of the last two years and he is an impressive athlete for sure. i have no clue what position he will end up at. if he continues to grow i would say de for sure but right now he is ideal linebacker size so who knows. glenville is well known for all the athletes they have on the team and curtis does stand out amongst all the other prospects.

on a side note here and totally unrelated to the thread at hand (although the link does have some info in it on curtis smith as well as many buckeye prospects), is it possible that we post a link to the following at the top of the recruiting board here. this is the link to the army all star game junior combine with real 40 times, heights, weights, and all that. nice to see some objective measurements from time to time instead of the fantasy land 'everyone we recruit has 4.4 speed' world that the recruiting gurus would have us believe in order to upsell magazines and premium services. anyways here is that link if you are interested.


thanks for all the work on making this board a solid place for recruiting info, maybe i can help add some info here too.

EDIT: freaking fingers and their damn typos
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Welcome to the board, VG. I know people used to complain all the time over on BN about too many threads being tacked to the top but I will link the combine results in the offensive and defensive threads up top. Thanks for the link.
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With seemingly no true SAM on the roster outside of Carpenter we could use one in this recruiting class. At 6'2" and 235 pounds you have to think Smith is destined for the D-line though.
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curtis smith pic


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a few tidbits from the latest Insiders update

His bench press is 350 lbs and he is squatting 525 lbs.

Last years stats: 92 tackles and 12 sacks

His favorites include favorites include tOSU, LSU, USC, Miami, Pitt, and scUM.

Will Smith is his favorite player in college or the NFL :)
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