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there's always next year

  1. NFBuck

    Cleveland Guardindians (2023 Season)

    I don't follow as closely as I once did as I've been jaded straight into apathy. Here's the 2023 thread. Enjoy Tito while we still have him because I strongly suspect it goes to shit when he retires. Love that guy. There's always next year...meaning 2024.
  2. NFBuck

    Cleveland Venezuelans

    There's always next year. As in 2021, not this year...2020...err, next year. Ah, fuck it. They're shitty.
  3. NFBuck

    Cleveland Indians (2019 Thread of Indifference)

  4. NFBuck

    Cleveland Browns (2018 Season The NFL is Sorry)

    Have at it, I guess. One win would be an {infinity}% improvement over 2017. They're reportedly interviewing Ben McAdoo to be the OC. Whoopee. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/01/16/ben-mcadoo-interviewing-browns-offensive-coordinator
  5. NFBuck

    Cleveland Indians (2018)

    Meh...fuck this dog shit franchise. Never winning anything, anyway.
  6. NFBuck

    Cleveland Browns (2017 Thread of Chlamydia)

    Lets get this shit show started. 18 years, 2 winning seasons and 1 playoff game. Hasn't this been fun?
  7. NFBuck

    Cleveland Indians (2017 Official Thread of CHOKE)

    They're still shitty. There's always next year. Blah, blah, blah...proceed with the f#&king goats.