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  1. Clarity

    Three games in, what's your 2015 prediction?

    Well! That NIU game... Let's not talk about it. Urban is off earning his money right now, let's all agree that there are better times ahead. So we had a last minute poll last week here: http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/threads/two-games-in-whats-your-2015-prediction.635100/ What's...
  2. Clarity

    Two games in, what's your 2015 prediction?

    We've seen a couple games -- some good, some not so good (at least as measured against both our expectations as fans and those of the team). One has to remember that championship caliber football is developed and forged over the course of a season, and it's teams that peak too early that often...
  3. Clarity

    Does Braxton have a better chance of winning the Heisman as a WR/H-Back/Return?

    So our front page is finally something worth visiting and bookmarking. Indeed its entire purpose is to be a meaningful launching point into our core, the forum. One of the things I've put there is a player provided by USA Today, it has OSU/B1G/NCAA content (basically in that order). Was just...