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  • Well Ohio is now a one star prestige dumpster fire. I actually went ahead and already removed you. Definitely let me know as soon as you get any update or improvement on your Internet situation, that really stinks.
    So what are you thinking for the future of you in our dynasty?

    I know you have had connectivity issues at your complex but I wasn't sure if that was permanent or something that is getting resolved.
    I thought 1800 was a little steep, but considering there's all new kits, updated rosters, an online mode, and some pretty incredible detail to the stadiums, I just had to have it. If there is a online friendlies mode, I'll gladly take you on!
    I haven't gotten too far into the Live part of it yet. Was just playing the single player part. It auto set the difficulty to World Class and, while some people can beat it on WC no problem, I can't. I was Germany and every time the other team would push the ball up field, Phillip Lahm would be so far out of position (computer pulled him into center midfield). It was incredibly frustrating. So I dropped the difficulty and picked Spain, won easily. I won't win it with Spain, I'll start a new one and win it with either Holland or Germany. Mainly because I hate 80% of the players on Spain. lol
    Already got it. It's pretty cool. You can play single player through the entire Euro tournament. You can also play online, which I haven't tried quite yet. The new international kits are sick! Holland's are the best.
    Thanks man. Me too. Wilson played a hell of a game. It sucks to lose a game like that, especially considering we probably won't be back for a while. I really enjoyed the game against you guys this year. Best of luck to the Buckeyes next year under Urban.
    I'm getting to Columbus sometime friday night. Staying in Grove City and spending most of Saturday on campus. I'm going to try and get into the skull session too. Know of any good spots around campus to eat or some sights?
    Hey, I think we've got a spot now, since our returning member Esoteria has not returned out messages. We're doing a 1-2 week test dynasty to see if coordinating is worth it or if we should do full teams. Anyway, pick any 2* program to coordinate (OC or DC) and post it in the thread. The selections made already are in the first post.
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