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Recent content by B-UNIT

  1. B-UNIT

    College Station Series (Dominos Pizza Classic)

    bucks leading a&m 5 -3 bottom of the 6th
  2. B-UNIT

    2008 Ohio State Baseball Preview

    Unfair advantage for southern teams due to the weather that the NCAA does nothing about
  3. B-UNIT

    Your top 5 least favorite Wolverines of all time

    Chris "time out" Webber and the rest of the fag five that never won the big ten (not football but still fucking annoying) Woodson Howard Biakabafuckface Any other player from ohio that played for them
  4. B-UNIT

    Sean Taylor (R.I.P.)

    damn horrible, especially for his daughter to grow up without a dad
  5. B-UNIT

    Mirror Lake Jump (official thread)

    it was the shit everybody goin crazy i wasn't as cold as i thought
  6. B-UNIT

    Mirror Lake Jump (official thread)

    ill be there drunk off my ass
  7. B-UNIT

    New Uniforms/Nike Changes (Basketball)

    didn't know if any one saw the new Lebron grey unis, I like the shorts look like the football pants
  8. B-UNIT

    LB Larry Grant (Official Thread)

    especially nice how the dispatch had a huge pic of him at mid field by himself instead of an action shot from the game
  9. B-UNIT

    LB Larry Grant (Official Thread)

    he looked phyiscally sick, he was kneeling at the block o by himself for 5 minutes, someone had to come get him to sing carmen ohio. that made me feel worse than losing, guys like him losing their last game at home.
  10. B-UNIT

    Colin Cowherd (Official Ass Hat)

    i like the fact that he hates michigan, but what he likes to call "facts" are just his opinon. he reminds me of what stephen colbert pretends to be but of the sports world, he only uses the facts when it helps his opinion
  11. B-UNIT

    Brent Musberger (official thread)

    i use to think he was a buckeye homer, he loved cooper. my favorite call of his besides holy buckeye was in the fiesta bowl agaisn't notre dame when pittman broke the big run at the end, he was 30 yards from the endzone and brent said game over.
  12. B-UNIT

    Ohio State vs. Georgia in 2008?

    yeah texas is in the state, along with southern cal, miami hurricanes, and va tech all m.a.c. schools because osu is afraid to play hard out of conference games. when we scheduled wash. they were in the midst of winning pac 10 titles and playing in rose bowls. come with facts idiot!
  13. B-UNIT

    2007 tOSU Photo Day

    does anyone else notice that the numbers are more on the shoulder, rather than being closer to the striping like last year?
  14. B-UNIT

    Willis McGahee (official thread)

    does anyone have a picture of his punk ass crying as he was getting carried of the field? or will allen doing the throat slash? anyway i hope is whinning ass gets another knee injury and he never plays again for the ratbirds.