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LGHL Yep. Ohio State and Michigan will be doing a satellite camp together

Matt Brown

Yep. Ohio State and Michigan will be doing a satellite camp together
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Crootin' makes strange bedfellows.

Now that satellite camps are back in business, coaches from across the country are fanning out to find ways to get them in front of the best prospects, even ones that aren't in their traditional recruiting territories. Sometimes, that leads to rival coaches working at the same camp. And it looks like perhaps the biggest rivals of them all will be working at the same camp.

Via Ari Wasserman of Cleveland.com, coaches from Ohio State and Michigan will work together at an instructional camp at Cleveland Heights on June 8. The Raw Talent U Camp will reportedly feature representatives from Purdue, Iowa, Syracuse, and a slew of FCS, D2 and other programs.

Wasserman points out that since Michigan is also holding a camp in New Jersey that day, and Ohio State is holding one in Columbus. So while it's possible that assistants from both Ohio State and Michigan will rub shoulders together, it's unlikely that Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh will. Not that they probably won't bump into each other a time or two later on the recruiting trail, or at other camps.

Either way, this seems like a great opportunity for young football players near Cleveland Heights, who will get an opportunity to get instructions from a variety of coaches, and perhaps earn a scholarship offer.

This will be 1 of the biggest camps cleveland have ever seen. Osu,Mich,MSU,IU,Purdue,Iowa, Maryland,Rutgers ect.. pic.twitter.com/Q7Qb0LcbKD

— raw talent (@MarkMharris36) May 9, 2016

Ohio State will be participating in other satellite camps this year as well.

A university spokesperson confirmed to Land-Grant Holy Land that Ohio State would participate in a camp at Lawrenceville Central Gwinnett in Georgia, one of the biggest programs in the state. This camp is scheduled for June 16.

Ohio State will also participate in a camp at Florida powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas (home of Joey and Nick Bosa, among others), also on June 16. This camp will be in conjunction with Florida Tech, Arizona, Boston College and Mississippi State.


Finally, Ohio State is slated to join TCU for a camp in Texas on Friday, June 3. It'll take place at TCU's Amon Carter Stadium:

Not your average squad. Register for @TCUCoachP's #SummerSixteen camps here: https://t.co/2l1UXmisT1 pic.twitter.com/yjiMOUWsDd

— TCU FTW (@TCUFTW) May 6, 2016

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