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Yates conviction overturned

First-- that woman ain't ever going to be back on the street...

Second- I don;t really want to get into a "Should this chick go to prison even if she really was insane" debate. But this lady is a certified fucking nutjob... I mean way way the hell off keel.

Anyway... they'll go back to trial and lock her up somewhere... Prison, Loony bin, whatever... I'm not sure which would be worse... but no shrink would probably ever let her out of the nuthouse.
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I don't think she'll be back on the street necessarily for good, but part of the story that said she could get bail until she gets a new trial, which means she could potentially get out for a while, though it is doubtful. I actually understand the ways of psychiatrists pretty well...I just don't trust any of them.
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Hopefully she gets the skank shank by some bohemeth butchcut gutter whore while strolling the prison yard

Even though I'm not sure what all those terms mean (Grads been watching his girl prison film collection again.. I think)... it sounds like an excellent idea!
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