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I just got my live hooked up for the 2-month trial. It's been a mixed bag so far as far as matchups go. Here's my questions:

1. Does Optimatch *ever* find anyone? It hasn't worked for me yet - I've had to do QuickMatch to find anyone to play.

2. What are some suggestions for some "2nd tier" schools with fun playbooks? I'm not a huge fan of OSU's playbook against quality opponents - if someone just constantly blitzes, there isn't enough speed in the backfield to escape.

3. What are your horror stories of online play? Here's a few of mine from the first couple days.

One guy ran a hail mary at least 80% of the plays from scrimmage.

Another game, I'm up 3-0 in the first quarter, and intercept the ball. Opponent quits.

Opponent runs a 4-4 all out blitz on the very first play from scrimmage. I hit a play action pass to the TE deep for an 80 yard score. Opponent quits.
If tere was some way Xbox would let us filter out the opponents by age, I think that would help. I think a lot of the problems you are having is because you are dealing with kids who are only worried about higher rankings.
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I think the age thing is valid, though I played someone this weekend who was cussing a blue streak at me and calling me a cheater, And he sounded teenaged or older.

Just cause I'm up 21-0 in the first with 28 yards offense doesn't mean I'm cheating, it just means you throw a lot of easily intercepted passes. :biggrin:
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Bumping an old thread, but I have a question for anyone out there that has XBox Live for 360.

I just got it as my Christmas present from last year(haha a little late). Got a package type ordeal where I got the console, an extra controller, ect ect and a 12 month subscription card to live. Set up the account on live and have everything going good. As soon as I sign into my user name, it says I have a very important message from Xbox. I can either go to my Dashboard settings and do nothing to fix my problem or go offline. Either way, I cannot get connected. Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so, did you end up fixing it? It sucks not being able to play because I think I may have set something up wrong.

Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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I have a 360 and live but i have never had the problem you are mentioning. I would suggested checking the email account you used to set up live and see if xbox has sent you anything or just calling the Microsoft help line.
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