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WVU Call's out OSU...hijacking at 1:30


Capo Regime
Staff member
Yes I'm bored in my recovery time but this Mountainqueer crossed the line and called out OSU. This is a smack board so anything goes. Hijacking begins at 1:30 today. Anyone interested come on in. My reply to the following post is ready to go...5-1 all-time only losing the first match-up in 1897. Series scoring is 149-54 all time


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(7/1/04 1:31:45 pm)
Re: St. C moron

As it may be Buckeye land, it still holds MANY MANY WVU fans!! Heck I live in Newark, OH and its full of WVU fans! But Im sure being that its ohio that it will naturally be alot of Buckeye fans unfortunatley!


BLOW H...............................I OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I'm just impressed there are people in West Virginia who can keep their hands off their sister long enough to post on a WVU board.
Not only that, but he spelled the majority of the words right.

Hell, with the smarts this guy's got, he could be the governor of West Virginia.
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The Oregon State guys gave up a good trick of the trade...prepare some posts on Word for easy cut&paste thus making the hijacking so much more efficient. With nothing to do...I've got a few good flames...err posts for the MtnQueers.

Its on right now
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