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WSU LB Will Derting injured


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What am i, the official BP Injury Reporter?

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD bgColor=#ffff99>This story originally published on Cougfan.com</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

<CENTER><TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=0 width=490 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top bgColor=#ffffff><IMG height=275 alt="Linebacker WILL DERTING" src="http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Image/16/161138.jpg" width=227 border=0>

</TD><TD noWrap width=3></TD><TD vAlign=top>Derting's outlook cloudy
By the Staff of Cougfan.com
Date: Aug 16, 2004

PULLMAN -- Less than a week into fall camp, Washington State's defense has sustained a crippling blow. Star middle linebacker Will Derting could be shelved for much of the season after dislocating his left wrist in a scrimmage Sunday. Doctors are putting the wrist in a cast and plan to remove it in two weeks to determine next steps and his ability to get back on the field.
</TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=3>
One person close to the program told CF.C, "We're crossing our fingers on this -- the New Mexico game seems like a stretch no matter what, but maybe Colorado or Idaho. We'll just have to see."

While WSU is being careful not to make a forecast on Derting's status -- either for the season opener at New Mexico on Sept. 3 or the entire season -- a little research of football injuries indicates that dislocated wrists can require up to 12 weeks to heal. For the record, 12 weeks from yesterday is Nov. 14 – six days before the Apple Cup.

Derting, from Okanogan County, underwent multiple x-rays and a CAT scan Monday after having the injury reduced following the scrimmage Sunday.

Derting, a fourth-year junior who received a medical redshirt in 2001 after going down with a knee injury in the season opener, is expected to contend for All-America honors. He already is on the watch list for the Butkus Award, given annually to the nation's top linebacker.

With Derting on the sidelines, the Cougars today moved starting strongside linebacker <!--Default NodeId For Scott Davis is 1140856,2004-->Scott Davis (5-11, 230) to the middle. Sophomore <!--Default NodeId For Steve Dildine is 1140859,2004-->Steve Dildine (6-1, 225), locked in a battle with senior <!--Default NodeId For Pat Bennett is 1114444,2004-->Pat Bennett (6-0, 224) for the starting outside spot on the weakside, has been moved into Davis’ usual spot on the strongside.

<!--Default NodeId For Brian Hall is 1140873,2004-->Brian Hall (6-2, 235) figures to be the first guy off the bench at all three linebacking positions. The Cougars’ depth after him gets mighty inexperienced mighty quick. There are four true freshmen -- <!--Default NodeId For Steffan Blume is 1162646,2004-->Steffan Blume, <!--Default NodeId For Jed Collins is 1162648,2004-->Jed Collins, <!--Default NodeId For Alex Hamill is 1162666,2004-->Alex Hamill and <!--Default NodeId For Bryan Baird is 1162643,2004-->Bryan Baird – and two walk ons who saw mop up duty a year ago, senior <!--Default NodeId For Brian Winter is 1164032,2004-->Brian Winter of Tacoma and sophomore <!--Default NodeId For Chris Baltzer is 1114440,2004-->Chris Baltzer of Eugene.
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This is not meant to be taken as a slam.

I'm just not sure why you are giving us updates on players that I dont' care about on teams I dont' care about that we dont' play and who are not prominent nationally. I could see maybe....if you said a Matt Leinert or a Chris Leak or a David Greene type player....where their loss with be national news...at least to us cfb fans...but I have a feeling.... most people not concerned with cfb don't even know who he is. just mho. no biggie though.

Now if you have some NC ST. or Marshall or Cincy stuff.....or BIG 10 info.... bring it by the truckload. please.
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well the real reporters on this site bring enough OSU/big10 stuff. i figured this was huge news since he is regarded as one of the best LBs in the country.

if you want to relate it to tOSU....it moves AJ up one spot towards the best in the nation.
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I'm just not sure why you are giving us updates on players that I dont' care about on teams I dont' care about that we dont' play and who are not prominent nationally. I could see maybe....if you said a Matt Leinert or a Chris Leak or a David Greene type player....where their loss with be national news...at least to us cfb fans...but I have a feeling.... most people not concerned with cfb don't even know who he is. just mho. no biggie though.

That is very big news considering the fact that he is one of the top LB's in the country.

Thanks for the update.
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BuckeyeNation27 said:
well the real reporters on this site bring enough OSU/big10 stuff. i figured this was huge news since he is regarded as one of the best LBs in the country.

if you want to relate it to tOSU....it moves AJ up one spot towards the best in the nation.

I agree here. It relates to all CFN fans weather it includes your team or not. Don't think for one minute other boards are'nt keeping an eye on Buckeye websites for stuff like this.
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Okay. I guess we disagree in the national prominence of this news. I won't disagree that he is one of the top LB's in college. easily in top 25.

I guess I was just kinda like huh...... oh well.... next. guess that says more about their program than you bringing the news.

i did a little digging to see who was saying what. Found this:

2004 CFN Preseason First-Team All-Americans
Michael Boley, Sr. Southern Miss

Boley has gotten bigger and stronger and should be in for an All-America season on the strongside. He was a major disruptor last year flying all over the place making 151 tackles, 11 sacks and 22.5 tackles for loss able to free-lance with Rod Davis cleaning everything up in the middle. He's a premier playmaker who will have to deal with being the focus of every team's blocking scheme.

Derrick Johnson, Sr. Texas
If Johnson isn't the best linebacker in America, he's in the team photo with 328 career tackles, 46 tackles for loss, 29 quarterback pressures, eight interceptions and 22 broken up passes. In other words, he can do it all with tremendous range and a peerless nose for the ball. Johnson would've been a high first round draft pick in the 2004 draft and should be a top ten pick in 2005, if not top three.

Rian Wallace, Jr. Temple
One of the nation's best linebackers last season, this might finally be the year Wallace gets the national credit he deserves coming off a 148 tackle, 19.5 tackle for loss season. The sure All-Big East performer is big, fast and always around the ball. He's a consistent, steady and productive playmaker with a motor that never stops. "It would be scary to think where we would have been defensively without him," said Temple head coach Bobby Wallace.

2004 CFN Preseason Second-Team All-Americans

<TABLE cellSpacing=5 width=300 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%"><!-- BEGIN: AdSolution-Website-Tag 4.1 : collegefootballnews.com / ROS_Exp_Rect_Box_300x250_250x250 --><SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;</SCRIPT><SCRIPT language=javascript src="http://a.as-us.falkag.net/dat/njf/41/collegefootballnews.com/ros_exp_rect_box_300x250_250x250.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT><!-- END:AdSolution-Tag 4.1 --></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

Ahmad Brooks, Soph. Virginia
If you want to look for underclassmen ready for the NFL right now, Brooks is one who is more than ready. The 6-4, 249-pound sophomore led the Cavaliers with 117 tackles with four sacks and 15 quarterback hurries. He's also fantastic in pass coverage breaking up six passes using his speed to stay with any running back.

Abdul Hodge, Jr. Iowa
Superstar. Hodge led the Hawkeyes with 141 tackles in the middle and proved to be one of the best all-around linebackers in the country. He's fantastic in pass coverage and always finds a way to make the big play. The "hitman" is a big hitter with 4.5 cornerback speed and quickness able to make plays both in space and in traffic. Also a plus for a defensive leader, he's smart.

Kirk Morrison, Sr. San Diego State
Morrison has been one of the best linebackers in America over the last few years and an All-America talent. The leader of the stingy defense has sideline-to-sideline range and an uncanny knack for always making every play needed. He was the best player on the best defense in the Mountain West last season.

2004 CFN Preseason Honorable Mention All-Americans
in alphabetical order
Channing Crowder, Soph. Florida
One of the SEC's new stars, Crowder made 106 tackles and became an intimidating force in his freshman year. He's the total package with excellent instincts to go along with all his talent. He also has the rare ability to be a team leader from the moment he got on the field.

- Will Derting, Jr. Washington State
One of the toughest linebackers in America, the 237-pound Butkus Award candidate will move from the outside to the middle coming off an 86 tackle season making 7.5 sacks and 12 tackles for loss. He's an active player who always finds a way to get around the ball and always finds ways to disrupt things.

- A.J. Hawk, Jr. Ohio State
Hawk turned in an All-America caliber season leading the Buckeyes with 106 tackles. He's not just a good run stopper, he has the speed and athleticism to get in the backfield and also become a tremendous pass defenders with two interceptions and five broken up passes for go along with four sacks and 13 tackles for loss on the weakside. He was limited this spring after surgery on his right knee. (editors note: I read this and thought it said " He's just not a good run stopper" !!! I was like what? huh? then I figured my dumbarss out!!) ;-)

- Lance Mitchell, Sr. Oklahoma
A knee injury cut short what was sure to be an All-America and All-Big XII season. The good news is that the torn ACL came so early in the year that he had time to get it healthy again. If he's healthy all year, he'll most likely lead the team in tackles coming in at around the 120 mark.

- Odell Thurman, Jr. Georgia
Thurman was a superstar last year finishing third on the team with 121 tackles and leading the way with 18.5 tackles for loss. He's a big hitting form tackler with the speed to hang with running backs on pass plays and quickness to get in the backfield on a consistent basis
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what i meant was.....they would be the top 4. on this list 3 of them are in "honorable mention" which is a joke. those other guys dominate at temple and soutern miss......i dont see them making a dent in the SEC or Big10.
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Hmmm. I can initially understand what you are saying, but I think to diss players for just playing on weaker teams in weaker conferences doesn't hold up. I think these two guys in question, sound like stud FOOTBALL PLAYERS!! I think if you put them on OSU they would be outstanding. Just think, they would have that much better material working around them. A Better D-Line to take on those interior lineman... better backers to help offset the TE or RB's better CB's to free them up and not have to worry about what is going on behind them as much.

I think this is one of the big problems we all make. Ah crap - he plays for okaloopa state - he stinks.

+ there are only 3 spots for the AA team and I think with the rose colored glasses off - you could throw probably 10 names in there at least and take your pick for best three.

I love HAWK - he is going to be my jersey # this year - but I'm not quite ready to annoit him as king of the LB's. Time will tell and I hope he blows up!!!!
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It's sad to see such a promising career robbed by injury. Like AJ Hawk, Derting wasn't highly rated as a recruit (2 stars, I think), but dominated early on.

Derting hangs up cleats for cowboy’s life
<!-- PAR --> <!-- PHOTOS TO RIGHT -->
<table align="right" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="200"> <tbody><tr> <td rowspan="4" valign="bottom" width="6">
</td><td> </td></tr> <tr> <td>
<small><small> [FONT=Arial,Helvetica] Photo courtesy WSU [/FONT]</small></small>​
</td> </tr> <tr> <td><small>[FONT=Arial,Helvetica] Will Derting closed out his career with win against University of Washington in the Apple Bowl [/FONT]</small> [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-2]
(Click on picture for bigger image) [/SIZE][/FONT]</td><td>
</td></tr><tr> <td>
</td> </tr> </tbody></table>​
<!-- STORY COPY --> By Al Camp
Chronicle staff

Will Derting, a standout athlete at Okanogan High School and Washington State University, announced two days before the NFL draft that he was retiring.
Derting told the NFL officials April 27 that they should take his name off the list of eligible players in the draft, held April 29-30, said the player’s father, Brad Derting.
Brad Derting said he was asked to notify the media of his son’s decision to retire from football.
Currently, Will Derting is working at his family’s ranch (there’s no phone) while working on getting his weight down (he’s at 244 pounds; he played at 235) to keep stress off his knees.
“He’s got a couple colts he’s breaking,” said Brad Derting. “He’s doing stuff he likes to do now.”
Derting graduated from WSU in December with a bachelor of science in agriculture.
Brad Derting said doctors told his son last fall after straining ligaments in his ankle that he should consider not playing the game again.
Derting defied the doctors and odds to return later in the year to play most of the game in a 26-22 WSU win over the University of Washington.
“He’s a tough son of a gun,” said Brad Derting. “He went to every game he was involved in — I like to call it the Butkus mentality — like they are the enemy and we stop them.”
Will Derting played in the final Apple Cup game because “. . . he wasn’t going to let the Huskies beat the Cougs again,” said his father. “He went out with flying colors.”
“He played quite a bit and he felt good, and we were going to play him as long as we could,” said coach Bill Doba after the Apple Cup. “He makes a difference, there’s no doubt about that. He was one of those hanging onto the trophy when the governor presented it.”
Derting entered his senior year poised to move up in several career lists at WSU. He finished tied for ninth with 14.5 career sacks, 10th in yards from sacks at 98, tied for fifth in tackles for losses at 31 (six more and he’d be in the top five), 129 total yards for losses, 10th, and 255 tackles, 15th all time at WSU (28 more would put him in top 10).
But he injured an ankle Oct. 1 and missed five games.
Derting injured the ankle in a goal-line stand as he got trapped in a melee of bodies Oct. 1. He missed the next five games and was used sparingly in a game prior to the Huskies.
He missed 15 days last summer with a pulled hamstring suffered in a fall practice. In 2004, despite a dislocating a wrist that required surgery after the season, Derting led the Cougs with 93 tackles at middle linebacker.
He's also had surgery on both knees at WSU and had a surgery for a knee while playing for Okanogan. He also suffered a separated shoulder while playing for the Bulldogs.
Derting entered the 2005 season with high expectations after being placed on the 2005 Butkus Award watch for the nation's outstanding linebacker in college football.
He also was named to the watch list for the 2005 Lombardi Award, Lott Trophy, Ted Bednarik Award and Bronko Nagurski Award.
Derting, while only playing essentially in two Pac-10 games last year, was honored by his peers as an honorable mention player.
After the 2004 season, he earned second team All-Pac-10 honors despite the wrist injury.
Derting earned first team All-Pac-10 honors in 2003 and was twice named the conference's defensive player of the week following performances against Notre Dame and Oregon State that year.
His first year he was named to the Pac-10 all-freshman team.
"He's had a great career," said Brad Derting. "If things worked out differently, he would be at the next level. He is at peace with the decision."
Will Derting had plenty to say after winning the Apple Cup.
On playing most of the game through injury, he said, "You know, it kept feeling good and feeling good. This morning, it felt really good, we didn't have that long plane ride. It pretty much felt good all day, so I just kept playing on it."
As for winning the Apple Cup, "It means everything, it makes your whole season. I won't remember anything from my senior season, in games, unless it is from this one."
"It's stuff like that that will live for us forever," said Brad Derting. "He's real happy. He's settling in real good."
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