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WR Jaylen Harris (Official Thread)

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Cleveland Heights (OH)
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 205 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

Bill Greene @BillBankGreene
Kentucky is the first school to offer Cleveland Hts soph WR Jaylen Harris. 6-5 and athletic. Also plays hoops. http://recruiting.scout.com/player/8350082n-jaylen-harris…

Bill Greene is very high on this kid....
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If the height is legit then he has really good footwork and quick feet coming out of his breaks. I like his open field speed for a tall soph. receiver. He dances too much in the flats before cutting up field but overall a very athletic tall receiver who I see shooting up the rankings as he develops.
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He's really smooth for a guy that size. Didn't really see him running away from people in his highlights, so speed is the biggest question I'd have. If he can run in the 4.5s at camp this summer, then I think he's a strong candidate for a June offer. If he's in the 4.6s, then still a candidate for an early offer, but I'd wait to see how he plays early in his junior season.

Buckeyes can afford to be picky at WR in 2017 with at least 3 big-time guys in-state who all love OSU. Plus Grimes, Judson, Greene and others..
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The height listed is legit. I had the opportunity to coach him a few years ago in basketball and track. Jaylen is really just starting to concentrate on football, as he was always a basketball kid into his freshman year of high school. In 8th grade, he was legitimately 6'4 195 lb. and could run like a deer. I always told him football would be his "ticket" to college.
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