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WR Brian Robiskie (Official Thread)



He was at tOSU recently according to the PD


A recent sighting:

New Browns offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie sitting in the Ohio State athletic complex and watching videos of NFL draft prospects, while son Brian - a star receiver at Chagrin Falls High - attended recruiting sessions with OSU football coaches.

Brian is considered a top 4 WR in Ohio for '05 (MM, Hartline, Orton and Robiske)
Robiskie has good size and you'd think he knows how to play the game with his dad being an NFL coach. Hopefully Rivals or the Insiders will get some video of him soon. It's nice that the big time receivers in Ohio we are still in on all have great size.
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Chagrin Falls (OH)
Wide Receiver

Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.52 seconds

Bio Notes: An all-conference and all-area selection his junior year. Father Terry Robiskie is the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator.

Schools in the Running: Cryami, scUM, ND, tOSU, PSU, Pitt, USC

2003 stats: 50 catches for 743 yds w/ 13 TD's (11 receiving, two on punt returns). Cumulative for his HS career 71 receptions for 1,131 yards w/20 TD's.

In the latest Rivals update it appears that he is being recruited by Cryami. The article made reference to all the Cryami/Browns connections that may play into Brian liking Cryami.
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According to the latest Rivals update Robiskie is quoted as saying it would be easy to say Ohio State is a school he likes a lot. He is waiting on a Penn State offer and would also like to hear from USC and Miami.
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Surprised to hear that Miami offered this kid. They are always in on the elite talent. Robiskie has never seemed to get the elite type of hype. Maybe he is ready to make that jump to the elite. Should be interesting to see how the rest of his recruitment turns out. Could you imagine if we had two elite WR in Ohio in one year and neither goes to OSU, the cynics would start flocking.
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Could you imagine if we had two elite WR in Ohio in one year and neither goes to OSU, the cynics would start flocking.

Hartline should be up there among the elites if Robiske is considered one.
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What you call cynics, I call "idiots from Bucknuts". I suppose we'd have to be as worried here in Ohio as they are in Florida over losing guys like Holmes, Dukes, BMW, Jenknis, etc. - which is not very much at all. I'm not saying OSU couldn't use guys like Davis, Robiskie, Grigsby, Manningham, etc., but life and the Buckeyes will keep on keepin' on.
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Im guessing he's talking about manningham and robiske. but whatever, we "lost" Kerr last year to miami but we had no interest in him. yeah and we have hartline and are in on amos who i like a lot, and thats only in state, i think we will be alright, heaven help us if we dont get everysingle kid from ohio who might be great, last i checked we are might deep in speed in ohio this year.
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OSU fans on this board seem to be giving Miami an awful lot of respect. Just because Miami offers Robiskie he becomes an "elite" prospect? I wonder if fans in Michigan or Miami were saying that about Curtis Terry when he got his offer last year. All of a sudden OSU has lost the two elite WR prospects in Ohio? Come on. Hartline is a better receiver than Manningham AND Robiskie. Now I would love for Robiskie to become a Buckeye because he IS a fantastic WR prospect, but if he doesn't get an offer from OSU then we have to assume that he didn't earn an offer from OSU. As far as Manningham goes, I would take Robiskie and Hartline over him any day of the week. The video that I have seen of Manningham really didn't show me anything.

I also think that the theory about Robiskie getting an offer from Miami based on Butch Davis coaching with Terry Robiskie is a reach. I don't think a coach like Larry Coker is going to give a scholarship to a player that he doesn't feel is worthy of one simply as a favor to Butch Davis.
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