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I can't believe the guard got back up so quick. The dude had his feet planted and was throwing huge round houses. Love to hear the true story on the before and after on that one.

edit: after watching it some more, can't figure out why the guard's face wasn't a bloody mess, how the guard got up so fast and third why the new arriving guards were backing up instead of bum rushing him.
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I used to be a federal prison guard. Most likely. that guard did something to deserve the ass beating. That attack would be so well documented that the guard who was attacked, would not even be allowed near that inmate. The only revenge would have to be done by someone else...not prison staff. The smart choice for revenge would be to bust a gang leader or mafia person for something bullshit. Then leak the blame on the inmate who attacked the guard. Revenge will soon come and everyone will know about it. Inmates should not get gang leaders in trouble.
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wow, when those guards came to help out the guy at the end, it really surprised me that all they did was yell "hey!". i seriously was waiting for one of those guys to atleast grab the guy and violently slam him on the wall to contain him. but after what Nightmare said it definitely gave me another view of it.
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