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Would Woody have had the sense to step away at the right time?


Or would have have lasted far too long a la SenilePa to the point where the program and his persona became a living joke? I was too young to follow the end of Woody's run but it seems that there were rumblings that Woody had lost it. The Rose Bowl and scUM chokes in the early 70s and the mediocrity (by OSU standards) of the late 70s. Would Woody have stepped down when he realized he didn't have it anymore? Or would he have cast OSU into the hell that is now engulfing PSU?


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I too have read what LV and Grad stated, but I don't think that really answers the question. Once Woody was forced away from the game, he could then see that he stayed too long (by his own admission). But if he hadn't been forced away, he wouldn't have necessarily seen that. I don't know if Woody would have had the epiphany that he should leave. Now if he had a 10 year stretch with a record against scUM like Cooper did, that may have been eye-opening to him.
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Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
If Woody waited too long, it didn't show in the win-loss record. Yeah, 78 wasn't so hot, and he did lose 3 straight to scum, but 76 and 77 both had B10 championships and major bowl appearences.
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I know first hand that the old man, wanted another NC very badly. I think if we had beaten UCLA in the 76 Rose, things Wood of ended alot different for Coach Hayes. He was a great man, in many ways, but his zeal for winning, and not being able to deal with his losses, eventually cost him a part of his spectacular reputation. To ans. the question? Well.. all in all, given the way things worked out, I Wood have to say, yes he did stay too long. Each big loss from 69 thru 76 really chaped his ass. From SCum 69 to Standford 71, to mSu 74, and UCLA 76.....These are the games that really started the pot boiling. Mainly because these are all games we should of won. I can remember my dad coming home from 76 spring practice (almost every day) saying things like......"Wow that Rose bowl loss really killed the old man, he is going to blow" all of the assistants at that time felt the same way. My dad left OSU after that year to coach with the Patriots, as did other assistants, that were with Woddy for a few years. Most left because of promotions, but they were also scared to coach with Woddy for muCH longer. The 76 season was a turbulant one. In retrospect, that Wood of been the best time for him to retire, right after the 27-10 Orange Bowl win over Colorado, but his zeal for BEATINGum just one more time, and winning the NC (along comes Schleister) gave the fierce competitor one last glimpse of hope, and finally overcame his lust for competetion.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • The Rose Bowl and scUM chokes in the early 70s and the mediocrity (by OSU standards) of the late 70s.

    I don't count any of the losses to Michigan (aside from the '69 game) as "chokes". Michigan was as solid a team, throughout the 70s as was Ohio State. In fact, here's Michigan's record in that decade:

    1970: 9-1 (lost to OSU)
    1971: 11-1
    1972: 10-1 (lost to OSU)
    1973: 10-0-1 (tied OSU)
    1974: 10-1 (lost to OSU)
    1975: 8-2-2 (lost to OSU)
    1976: 10-2
    1977: 10-2
    1978: 10-2
    1979: 8-4 (lost to OSU, and two of the losses were by 2 points and other two were by 3 points)
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    Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
    Scum chokes in the early 70s? We beat them in 70, 72, 74, and 75 and tied them in 73. 4-1-1 is choking?

    And as Mili pointed out, scum was good. But of course, his chart also shows what I just said: we owned them in the early 70s.
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    keeping tan
    The 4 year contract for paterno is a mirage- as- he has not really been coaching since the late 80s (just pep talking and adding to his record, like Bobby B.)- the 4 year deal is a ruse (sp*edit) so that he can retire after next year or after this season if he gets a bowl win- on his own terms.

    This is all speculation on my part btw...

    But, I think that he was planning on retiring back in the mid to late 90s but something must've happened to keep him going a tad longer. I was recruited by them in 92-93 and the letters I used to get would say that he probably wasn't going to be there for the full 4 years if I were to go there.

    Any kid who goes there to play isn't going there to play for Paterno anymore. Their playing for his "regime". I'm not sure he's really like Woody probably was. I'm willing to bet, and judging by Tom's post I'm right, that Woody remained pretty hands on all the time. Coach Paterno probably coaches like Gerry Faust did for the Zips for a few years; you know: clock management; fourth down and inches, do we go for it thing; old blood and guts, fire and brimstone speeches from the old codger before the game type deal and after half-time and more and more after tough losses.

    The joepamustgo.com people know this and just want a new regime brought in from the NFL or from Utah or Cal.
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    Loves Buckeye History
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    I'm also sure that the Rose Bowl following the '79 season, played on January, 1, 1980, qualifies as the 'early 70's'.

    Keep up the fine quality of information and opinions, Tibor.

    Don't let facts get in the way of your negative opinions.
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