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World's most unheralded showboat


an imbecility, a stupidity without name
Carolina WR Steve Smith. The Carolina/NYG preseason is just into the 2nd quarter and Steve Smith is having a hell of a game (5 rec, 83 yds), but every time he catches the ball he does an overblown celebration after the play. He got 8 yards near the sidelines on 1st and 10, and then goes back to the field, poses, and dances. 8 yards in a preseason game and you're dancing? Give me a break. I can't believe I had this clown on my fantasy team last year.
He's only shown up by the mighty David Terrell, who somehow manages to not only dance, gyrate, and spin the ball, but somehow taunt the opponent after catching a 4-yard in....on 3rd and 7.

In Terrell's defense, however, it seems he may have finally cleaned up his act some.
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Lion, your assessment of D Terrell is redundant...he is from scUM so his idiocy is assumed.

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