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Working with Michigan fans..

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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
I worked with a guy who was a typicl scUM fan. I took the advice of one of the posters here and rearranged the keys on his keyboard to say Go Bucks!. After the win in November I took ALL his keys off and put the score of The Game right in the middle. He wasn't happy :lol:. I left that job a few weeks later and haven't heard from him since.
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flying low
OH man, funny story...it was move in day at OSU, after we got all of our shit put in our rooms, my dad and I went to Tuttle Mall to get some things and grab lunch. We sat down at Panera, when just as soon as we started eating 2 guys in Michigan gear passed by our table. Just behind our table was another family, 2 girls no older than ten and their what I assumed was their grandmother. One girl asks the other "Do you like Michigan?" The other girl responds: "No! They stink! And my dad went to Ohio State."

I was thinking to myself..."Yeessss, the hate is strong with this one..."
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Proud to be a Buckeye
I was subbing at the front desk over the lunch hour for one of our customer service people shortly after the Rose Bowl, wearing my favorite buckeye shirt. A customer comes in wearing a scUM coat and a scUM sweatshirt. Being courteous of course, I go, "Uhoh....!" and we laughed kind of nervously.

She slid a flyer across the desk and said, "I need to get five copies of this." I picked it up and looked at it... it was a memorial flyer that I had designed for my uncle's father's funeral, who had passed away.

Surprised, I said, "Oh, did you know Clyde? He was my aunt Debbie's father-in-law."

She answered, "Sure, he was my dad."

After the initial shock wore off, I made her copies and we chatted a little; I told her I'd never met a REAL scUM fan before, and she said her dad had always thought there was something wrong with her. (HA!) She said she was still upset over the Rose Bowl and I told her that I had started to watch it and be pro-Big Ten, but after the kickoff I just couldn't bring myself to do it, because my two favorite teams are OSU and whoever's beating Michigan. She then said "well, you guys are coming to the Big House next year." And I said, "yeah, we've been there before...2001, remember?"

All in all, a generally friendly jab-session...I'd never met her but had heard my aunt mention her, and I had no idea she was a big scUM fan. I just couldn't believe someone whose family was mildly combined with mine is a fan of TSUN. It was my first encounter with a real live scUMmer, and just happened to be extended family... :biggrin:
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